• Open Words about Human Design
    Human Design may be a good tool for self-discovery, but I would not define myself or others on these limited categories. We are so much more! ?? People kept telling me that I would be one certain type… so I read about it and it certainly fit well. When I later found an online tool… Read more: Open Words about Human Design
  • The balance between confrontation and love
    Confrontation often creates fear. That’s why we are so quick in closing down and putting our safety masks in position that we have come so used to in our everyday “modern” life. What happens when we take our masks down? We become free – but we might also feel how fragile we are. In this… Read more: The balance between confrontation and love
  • My self-love experiences
    Self-love brings us into loving ever more, inside and outside. This can trigger our deepest fears. Being in the unconditional, limitless love can bring up the supressed hurts to the surface, so the love can finally heal it. It can also lead some of us to project their fears onto others, in a way of… Read more: My self-love experiences
  • Step by step to conscious love
    In our world of love, we are used to finding a partner for the whole. EVERYTHING must be right: Appearance, weight, height, figure, shape and size of genitals, smell, taste, hobbies, eating habits, career prospects, desire for children, and whatnot. With so many mental specifications that must interact and fit, the chances of experiencing healing,… Read more: Step by step to conscious love
  • Conscious Togetherness
    The image is part of my new Mystical Cave Art series that I create with human creativity and AI software, in order to bring peace between humans and database-driven software code. Love Abundance For creating this New World in a safe, creative, colourful and loving way, we can stay in the bliss of Love Abundance.… Read more: Conscious Togetherness
  • The second love
    Who feels unfree in the partnership or not satisfied on all multidimensional levels, has usually made a promise to the partner not to come too close to another soul. It weighs heavily, the ghastly sword between the feeling of shame because of a “cheating” on one side and the often deep pain of jealousy on… Read more: The second love
  • What is a “chaste” relationship?
    Most of us probably understand it as the church’s interpretation of sexually abstinent partner relationships. That is why the word is not very popular nowadays. But the meaning of the word “chaste” has been distorted over the years. Let’s look it up in Wiktionary: Origin: Borrowed from Old High German “kūski” via Middle High German… Read more: What is a “chaste” relationship?
  • Getting to know each other consciously
    A conscious relationship between Yin and Yang already starts with the first acquaintance. Are there expectations, dreams, wishes, or may Gaia (others say: “the universe”) simply initiate the play and flirt scene and both look in which direction it wants to develop? May there also be a tentative feeling in when getting to know each… Read more: Getting to know each other consciously
  • Dear Yang! Not all was bad.
    I write so much about the new age of balanced Yin, and so much about all the “bad” sides of Yang that we have now experienced in tedium for several thousand years. In the last few years, this power has been particularly obvious. 2020 felt like a last burst before the Yin entered our world… Read more: Dear Yang! Not all was bad.
  • Dear Tantra: Time for renewal?
    (This text also appeared in my blog on Healer & Creator). This text will not be easy to write, and for some it may not be easy to read and feel, I sense that ahead of time. My writing and my perspective of truth sometimes triggers, and sometimes that’s quite good. Nevertheless, I hope that… Read more: Dear Tantra: Time for renewal?
  • The prohibition of love
    Women and men, or Yin and Yang, they have had a long, messy history together over the past millennia. From this time of yang dictatorship, we have probably all been able to learn a lot, and many continue to do so, because we are still in the middle of the yang-programmed system. Taking that big… Read more: The prohibition of love
  • Loving touches behind high walls of thought
    Loving touches are difficult in our “modern” world. Mostly we allow them only in our relationships. As a single person we are either supposed to pay for it (but please don’t tell anyone about it because it is so “dirty”!) or we are supposed to hold back and be patient until the right future potential… Read more: Loving touches behind high walls of thought
  • The limitation of loving touch
    Where does it come from, this restriction, with some even fear!, of loving touch? The Germans are even a bit overfed with it, I sometimes think to myself, because I also feel this acquired, distorted part in me. Since the natural loving living together, as experienced only in very few indigenous tribes, we have somehow… Read more: The limitation of loving touch
  • The beauty of the universe in the universe
    I’m sure the majority of men will agree with me: Women are beautiful! From them reflects an irresistible attraction for men, but often also for other women, if they can end the old sibling squabble whether any woman should be classified “more beautiful” than another. But it is not only her outer beauty and otherness,… Read more: The beauty of the universe in the universe
  • Foreword (Hooray, I am Human!)
    How can two souls have energetically healing and balancing experiences, harmonize their chakras and Yin-Yang balance, and strengthen their relationship, emotional intimacy and unconditional love? This was the question I asked my Spirit Guides, even though I didn’t formulate it so beautifully and clearly at first. But I felt inside what I was looking for… Read more: Foreword (Hooray, I am Human!)
  • Unconditional, giving love
    In the last few months, I had learned to be able to give a lot internally without immediately expecting a love response. I had become accustomed to this state, found it normal. What we find normal, we can give to other people without any further effort of energy. So today I find it quite normal… Read more: Unconditional, giving love
  • Three rays of love
    Without trust there is no opening for love, therefore trust is always the first and most important ray of any relationship. The basis for trust is loving, honest communication with each other (Truth Talk). Showing care: We are there for the other soul when they need us, we do our best so that both experience… Read more: Three rays of love
  • Giving and taking in balance
    We say that in a harmonious relationship, giving and taking should be in balance, so that everything remains harmonious and balanced and no one demands more energy from the other than she or he can give back. And yes, there are those dangers of falling completely into a victim role, on both sides of the… Read more: Giving and taking in balance
  • Am I worthy of your love?
    (Inspired by St. Germain: The I AM Discourses) Am I worthy of your love? What a great question, if we are willing to work on our ego issues. Am I worthy of your love? What a dangerous question, if it takes us straight to our deepest shadow issues of self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love. And yet,… Read more: Am I worthy of your love?
  • Musical forgiveness of Yang
    Ajeet Kaur creates something remarkable with this song: “Kiss the earth (La Luna). Live in Amsterdam”.She heals the wounds between Yin and Yang. And very specifically, she helps forgiving the Yang. The men in the room were asked to sing part of the song alone, with love. The women were allowed to listen, with love.… Read more: Musical forgiveness of Yang
  • How much more pain and fear do you want to feel?
    Have you also felt so much inner pain in the last two years? And felt so many fears? Maybe first because of one topic… then because of the other… And in between again and again this fear of your own inner growth, do you know that too? Isn’t it enough? How much more? At some… Read more: How much more pain and fear do you want to feel?
  • I also know this fear of growth
    In my article Do you want to be touched? Or are you afraid? I wrote about my experiences in the past. But of course, I have the same fear of inner growth that everyone has. During an interview just now came a beautiful definition of this “path” we call growth. We are actually already. We… Read more: I also know this fear of growth
  • Do you want to be touched? Or are you afraid?
    My theme for this year is loving touch. On the one hand physically, for this I am currently writing an (audio) book about meditative hugs, which I am releasing chapter by chapter for free on my YouTube channel. And then there are the inner touches. Good grace! What are people afraid of touch… I talk… Read more: Do you want to be touched? Or are you afraid?
  • What women and men want
    Men often like more physical closeness. The Yang comes from the outside to the heart center. Women often like more emotional closeness. The Yin comes from inside to the heart center. Both have to find a common path, otherwise the relationship is not particularly pleasant for either of them, whether Yin or Yang, then it… Read more: What women and men want
  • Do you like to be called cute?
    In Spain, people often say mi niño or mi niña: my boy/girl. They also like to say it to people they don’t know, for example when shopping. It’s a form of expressing cuteness, meant as a compliment, a fond reminder of how young we are. People strive to be young and feel young (into old… Read more: Do you like to be called cute?
  • Women circles with two guests?
    After watching many announcements of ever more women circles and retreats, after talking with many women and men about this, let me try to suggest a new approach that could lead to more healing. Our personal and global world has never been as seperated as this before. Even though we might feel more connected via… Read more: Women circles with two guests?
  • Pardon me? A flawless life?
    Someone who is fully satisfied with the status quo of personal development does not need any mistakes in his or her life. He or she prefers the most stable comfort zone possible. Then when mistakes happen, and they inevitably do, they usually get angry with themselves. Some even use curse words against themselves and think… Read more: Pardon me? A flawless life?
  • The unhealed conflict between Yin & Yang
    Yin is going through a difficult time of healing. Millennia of Yang dictatorship are coming to an end, the old is dissolving, the new is slowly emerging, and we are cautiously trying to take our first steps in a world that seems so new and so different. But something holds us back. The Yang has… Read more: The unhealed conflict between Yin & Yang
  • Only LOVE can heal us.
    How is a personality disorder diagnosed? Five of nine criteria must apply. I think that’s a very woolly and inaccurate idea of the multidimensional structures of our psyche. So someone could be conspicuous in three or four criteria, and nevertheless, this human being is not officially considered to have a personality disorder. How do we… Read more: Only LOVE can heal us.
  • Control addiction (yang) versus victim attitude (yin)
    Classically, we assign the active yang (i.e. our male inner parts) the quality of control. In contrast, the passive yin (our female inner parts) is the supposedly weak victim. Among other places, we live out this “game” between power and powerlessness in our love relationships, mostly completely unconscious. In parallel, the same “game” exists at… Read more: Control addiction (yang) versus victim attitude (yin)
  • Are we all a bit narcissistic?
    Colloquially, a “narcissist” is a person who displays pronounced egoism, arrogance and selfishness and behaves ruthlessly towards others. Are we all Nazis narcissists? There are distinctly visible forms of narcissism, but there are also the very subtle harbingers, in homeopathic doses, so to say. We think we are particularly important, we pile ourselves up… Read more: Are we all a bit narcissistic?
  • Humans need physical closeness
    Strange that I have to write an article about this at all. But our “modern” world has unfortunately largely forgotten what makes us human and distinguishes us from bio-robots. Closeness! We need physical closeness. Otherwise we die, either already as an infant shortly after birth or later, inwardly, day by day a little bit more.… Read more: Humans need physical closeness