The limitation of loving touch

Where does it come from, this restriction, with some even fear!, of loving touch? The Germans are even a bit overfed with it, I sometimes think to myself, because I also feel this acquired, distorted part in me.

Since the natural loving living together, as experienced only in very few indigenous tribes, we have somehow moved in a strange direction in human development, I think.

No way is right or wrong, but I personally find the direction a strange choice. Doesn’t our “modern” coexistence of the so-called civilized world remind us more of bio-robots than of humans?

Less and less touch, why only?

Some think, they do not really need touching.

Many limit themselves, among other things, out of fear and caution, because they know how quickly loving touch can turn into tenderness or horniness in one soul or another and what problems this could lead to.

In former times, in the old world, we needed strict touching rules for our own protection.

Yes, there is always a bit of risk, of course, even with a pleasant touch. But aren’t we adult, trusting and self-responsible enough to be able to show ourselves in our friendships in a conscious and loving way how much would be pleasant right now and how much would be too much?

This is something we can best communicate regularly, because every emotional state and mood is different again. If we walk the inner growth path, we are also a different person again with each new encounter.

Falling in love = problem?

Falling in love after a loving touch can of course become a problem if we already have a relationship or if we really don’t want one right now, that’s true. But if we want to experience the new 5D standard in love, then this love may be conscious, free and unconditional.

That’s not always easy either, but heartache and drama were more common with the old 3D idea of love, which had to be separated and protected with high walls, where change usually brought suffering and pain.

We are not even talking about monogamy or other relationship arrangements here. How long do we allow ourselves to hug a dear girlfriend or boyfriend? And how often? Even three times in a row, simply because we feel like it and think it’s nice?

Can we let go with a person, can we accept him or her, can we trust? Then we can allow ourselves this most direct form of contact with each other, can’t we?

How healing is touch?

When two souls are in a loving and trusting connection with each other, when both like each other, then a loving touch becomes a strong energetic medicine for both.

When two highly energetic and conscious people with strongly different polarities (yin and yang) lovingly touch each other, enlightening moments can arise from this, if we can and want to get involved in this fine energetic medicine.

With an embrace and also every short or longer touch, astral energetic sparks jump over. The subtle energies balance each other out, they harmonize, which is why I find touch just as important in a loving exchange as shared eye contact in a conversation.

Touch means physical contact. We can have three-dimensional contact and in our emotional or astral body (4D) it may feel good for both of us. This can lead to appreciative, respectful and unconditional love (5D).

With conscious and trusting people it rather does not lead to a problem, but to an enrichment. But then the mind comes again with its learned rule: Forbidden! Loving touches are only allowed in a relationship!

Isn’t that somehow a pity? I don’t believe that our ancestors learned and knew such rules. Then why did we become like this?

And how would you like to deal with your dearest friends?



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