High Priestess of Sanuela

Excerpt: 1. Choosing the Path

A young woman wandered through a sunlit meadow, humming softly to herself, her heart feeling lighter than it had in a long time. The early spring air was fresh and fragrant, and the colourful flowers that lined the path seemed to draw her forward. She breathed in deeply, savouring the scent of the daisies, the roses, and the newly bloomed violets.

Ayana turned around and looked with a sense of familiarity and pride at her home village, from the huts made of straw and mud bricks, to the laughter of children playing in the narrow dirt streets. The people of Luminae, a mixture of cultures, appeared to Ayana like a patchwork quilt of her past, present, and future. This village had seen her through every joy and hardship.

Ayana took a deep breath, taking in the salty morning air. She could feel the cool breeze on her skin as she moved closer to the coast. The sun was shining brightly, reflecting off the water’s surface. She watched the crashing waves build up small puddles of water on the sand beneath her, creating a serene and calming sound.

As she kept walking down through the fields towards the beach, Ayana felt a sense of contentment well over her. The grass tickled her ankles. The earth of Sanuela seemed to pulse beneath her feet, like a living thing, reminding her of all the stories that had been spun here. She closed her eyes and felt the knowledge and the secrets of the ancestors drift in the air.

She remembered tales she had heard since she was a young girl, stories about courage and self-love, of choosing between fear or love, of expectations and despondencies, and how to overcome them. Ayana held these ancient stories close to her, allowing their wisdom to guide her. She breathed deeply, slowly, allowing herself to be enveloped by the silent knowledge around her.

As she opened her eyes, she felt a deep serenity and the knowing that she was a part of something much larger than herself. She was aware that her life was one small part of the ancient landscape of Sanuela, and it filled her heart with a sense of joy and purpose. She smiled, feeling a connection to something greater, something timeless and eternal.

This morning, she was also feeling something different. It was as if the land was calling out to her. She could feel a stirring tingle in her heart, a sense of destiny enticing her. She knew something was coming, she could feel it in her body.

The gust of wind blowing around Ayana seemed almost like a whisper, calling to her. She closed her eyes and listened intently, and soon she could make out the words: “Priestess… Ayana.”

Ayana opened her eyes, startled by the voice that had called out to her. She looked around, but there was no one in sight. Yet despite the silence, she knew that something was speaking to her.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, a bright light illuminated the air. A glowing being appeared, hovering before Ayana. It glowed with a vibrant and ethereal energy, like a mystical butterfly from a dream. Ayana watched in awe and amazement as it flew around her head, radiating beautiful colours. The subtle hum of the wings was soothing. The enchanted being fluttered gracefully around her and then slowly descended and landed in front of her, its wings a translucent blue laced with yellow and orange, sparkling in the sunlight.

It was a small being with long antennae and curved wings, like a butterfly with a will of its own. The brilliant wings had shimmering spots, and its body glowed with an inner flame, giving off a warm, comforting light.

“Greetings Ayana, my light and my love,” the being spoke in her mind with a soft and warm energy. “I am Ignisia, the fire fairy butterfly, spirit, and keeper of the flames.”

Ayana looked around but noticed that there were no other beings around. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was all a dream, but she also felt the truth of these words, and it filled her with wonder.

Ayana felt no pressure from this being, only a gentle warmth that filled her heart and spirit with ease. The inner voice was gentle and calming, like a hug from the sun. It was the kind of embrace that offered honesty, understanding, and guidance and asked nothing of her in return. The energy made her feel safe and accepted, like she could be her most honest self without judgement.

Ayana gasped in awe and stepped forward, captivated by Ignisia’s beauty. “I′ve never seen anything like you before,” she said.

She saw the wings open and close slowly, creating a rainbow of colours in the sun’s rays. The butterfly’s voice washed over her, reminding her of what she knew in her heart: “Don′t be afraid of becoming your highest light and deepest love. Trust and follow. In freeing yourself, you will free the others. Mother Goddess Sanuela has sent me to be your companion on your journey. I am here to guide you. I will light your way and keep you safe. Are you ready?”

Her eyes widened as she stared off in surprise. Her mouth hung open, and her brow creased in confusion. “But how?” she whispered, unsure if she should trust the new felt feelings and the subtle voice that seemed to be very familiar.

“Listen closely,” Ignisia answered, her wings fluttering in the air. “You and I are connected by something much greater than either of us can fully understand. Are you willing to learn, and ready to open your heart much wider than you have experienced before? I can impart to you the knowledge you need on your path, if you are ready and willing to accept it.”

Ayana knew, this was right. She felt an undeniable love and closeness to this beautiful being. She breathed in the beauty of the butterfly before her and felt an astounding sense of peace and calm. Despite the situation being odd, she could feel the invisible silent understanding between them.

Ayana paused, feeling the warmth of her heart in her chest. She looked into the butterfly’s gentle eyes. With a purposeful breath, she declared, “Yes, I’m ready. I trust you, and I’m ready to learn from you.”

“You have been chosen, Ayana,” said Ignisa. “You will be able to experience and expand your love beyond ordinary means.”

Ayana swallowed, feeling overwhelmed, and a mix of emotions coursed through her body.

“Now, understand,” continued Ignisia. “The knowledge and all your powers come with a higher vision. You will be able to use your abilities to create beautiful visions for the good of Sanuela. This is what the High Priestesses do.”

Ayana’s heart raced with excitement, but also an underlying concern at what might lie ahead on her journey.

She thought in her head: “What? Me? I’m not a High Priestess. No, I can’t do this. I’m not able to give the amount of love to other people, I′m still struggling with my own self-love sometimes.”

Ignisia replied with that gentle inner voice: “Yes, it’s you. The light and the love of the High Priestess lies within you. Don’t be afraid, it is a grand journey, and also an immense honour. Ayana, understand the magnitude of the task ahead of you. It is not undertaken lightly. You have been chosen by the loving goddess of Sanuela, but it is only your future to become a High Priestess if you also choose so yourself.”

“What would I have to do? What if I don’t succeed?”

“You need to learn how to balance and safely ground your love, openness, and possibilities. Make wise decisions when you are a High Priestess.”

“I’m still nervous, I don’t know if I can manage this.”

“It is only natural to feel afraid. Yet, you have a strength within you that few else possess. Believe in yourself, in your light, your love, and your abilities to shine brightly from within. Your inner strength will guide you through it.”

“I trust in myself, but it’s hard to accept what’s expected from me.”

“That’s fine. You don’t have to do all the inner work at once. Take your time, make small steps along the way until you are ready for the bigger ones. You can do this, Ayana.”

Ayana struggled with her thoughts, as her heart pulled towards the possibility of unlocking secrets of her inner prophecy which had been hidden away until recently, however, fear of the unknown prevented her from making the leap.

She began to ponder both sides of the coin, considering the potential uncertainties and inner growth possibilities of her decision. It was true, a few moons ago in some sacred ceremonies with the elders, she had seen visions of herself as a High Priestess, but also had doubts about her courage and faith within. Now, she began to comprehend the gravity of her inner prophecy and the power of her choice.

Ignisia then said: “One final thought before you say yes. There is usually no turning back, only forwards, once you start on this path. You will learn to open up to yourself, and usually once you do this, there is no closing down afterwards if you want to avoid causing deep conflicts with yourself.”

Ayana breathed in, feeling the air fill her lungs. As she exhaled with a gentle release, the nervousness in her body ebbed away and became a fine astral tingling instead. The moment of calmness brought a smile to her lips. At that moment, she made her decision – she would accept the offer and become a priestess of Sanuela.

Her heart was pounding with excitement as she envisaged the path of growth and inner healing that lay before her. “I’m ready”, Ayana whispered confidently, with a new-found courage and resolution in her voice because she knew when to trust her inner feelings.

Ignisia flew a large curvy figure-eight before Ayana′s eyes. “You have made a wise choice, Ayana. I am proud of you for trusting in the growth and love and inner healing of yourself and others. Sanuela is a blessed land, and you are part of its love and beauty. I will always be here to support you when required, to steer your way and provide whatever you need along the path ahead.”

With that, Ayana began her transformation into a woman with extraordinary inner healing abilities. Her heart pounded with excitement, and her mind wondered what might lie ahead on her journey.

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High Priestess of Sanuela is a captivating tale of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Guided by a fire fairy, Ayana embarks on a transformative adventure, learning valuable lessons from animals, tree beings, and the planet’s consciousness. She explores mystical caves, confronts her fears, and embraces her own capacity for love.

Through her experiences, Ayana discovers the importance of self-love, acceptance, and the power of connection with others and the universe. As she emerges from the depths of the caves, Ayana embraces her role as a High Priestess, spreading love and encouraging others to discover their inner beauty.

This book is a multi-dimensional narrative that invites readers to explore their hearts and embark on a path of personal growth and transformation.

Table of Contents

A Book With Many Dimensions

1. Choosing the Path

2. Learning from Animals and Tree Beings

3. Mother Goddess Sanuela

4. Kofi and Lake Luminae

5. Finding the Mystical Caves

6. Inside the Holy Womb of Sanuela

7. Opening and Expanding Love

8. On Her Own

9. Loving Ourselves

10. Walking Through Fear

11. Love Cultivation

12. The Longing and the Oneness

13. Embracing Her Love

14. Questions Answered

15. Becoming a Star and Other Worlds

16. Welcome Back!


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If you enjoy this book so far, you can buy it here (and also on some other ebook platforms):

What makes this book special?

In High Priestess of Sanuela, you are being guided through a transformative journey that doesn’t just entertain, but also educates on themes of self-love, acceptance, and spiritual growth.

The book invites you to feel into your heart centre and personalise the story to fit your own perspectives and experiences, making the wisdom and insights more directly applicable. As a result, you can emerge with a deeper understanding of your inner self and your connection to the larger universe.