A Course in Love & Miracles

Begin the 33 day course:

Embark on a Journey of Self-Love and Spiritual Growth

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Sanuela, a world where self-love and miracles await. Join Ayana as she embarks on a quest to unlock the depths of her heart and awaken to the power of love.

Drawing from his experiences and spiritual insights, Nils, an intuitive author and spiritual guide, weaves a tale that transcends the boundaries of conventional self-help books. Take a moment each day to breathe consciously, reflect on your experiences, and journal your emotions.

This course is designed to accompany the book High Priestess of Sanuela, but if you haven’t read it yet, no worries! You are provided with short excerpts to guide you through the exercises and reflections that will empower your personal growth journey.

Trust your intuition and adapt the suggested daily exercises to suit your unique path. Keep a journal of love and miracles, allowing your emotions to flow and your relationships to flourish. Allow the transformative power of self-love to infuse every aspect of your life.

Enjoy these daily practical exercises:

Day 1: Experiencing Miracles & Heart Chakra Breathing

Day 2: A Mindful Walk

Day 3: Standing on Gaia

Day 4: A Story of Love and Growth

Day 5: The Whispering Wind

Day 6: My Light and My Love

Day 7: An Honest Embrace

Day 8: Your Spirit Guides

Day 9: You Are Chosen

Day 10: The Inner Critic

Day 11: Your Choices

Day 12: Two Questions

Day 13: Walking Through Fears

Day 14: Our Inner Prophecy

Day 15: Releasing Emotions

Day 16: Following Our Path


Day 33: I AM

Thorns of Craving

If you need help in overcoming cravings for alcohol, sugar, white carbohydrates, fried foods or other unhealthy and low-vibrational substances (which the “thorns” just love so much), I am offering my personal assistance on a donation basis or through other forms of exchange.

More information about the thorns…

If you are interested, please send me an email or a message via WA or Telegram:

+49 173 8532668

Healing Journeys to the Roots of Cravings

Guided meditations and transformative journeys, crafted to address the emotional, spiritual, and physiological roots of food cravings and dependencies.

Combining the wisdom of hypnotherapy and ancient spiritual practices, they provide a loving and balanced pathway to long-lasting self-awareness, emotional clarity, and holistic well-being. More information…