Why Use the Multidimensional Oracle?

The Multidimensional Oracle of Sanuela uses three coloured twenty-sided dice to offer daily guidance on your physical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

Your Personal Benefits

Self-Discovery: The oracle aids in peeling back the layers of your conscious and unconscious mind, offering you a mirror to your soul’s wishes, fears, and potentials.

Decision-Making: Facing a crossroads? The oracle provides a mystical yet practical perspective, helping you to align your choices with your highest good.

Spiritual Growth: The wisdoms encoded in the oracle serve as spiritual nutrients, nurturing your soul and facilitating your journey towards enlightenment.

Emotional Balance: By presenting you with insights from different dimensions of wisdom, the oracle helps to balance out emotional extremes, guiding you towards a state of inner harmony.

Daily Inspiration: Whether used daily or during life’s more demanding phases, the oracle serves as a continual source of inspiration and empowerment.

Yellow Dice: Lana Lightweaver’s Sensual Oracle

Each number reflects the unique aura of wisdom and sensuality that Lana Lightweaver, the Enchantress of Sensual Bliss, offers to her visitors. These insights resonate deeply within the magical realm of Sanuela, encouraging both introspection and action for those who seek her guidance.

Green Dice: Ayana′s Heart Centre Oracle

Ayana’s perspective emphasises the importance of channeling emotional, sensual, and astral energies into the heart centre, aiming for a balanced and spiritually grounded life. Each number invites souls to delve deeper into their hearts and in the divine love found there.

Blue Dice: Cerulean’s Oracle for Enlightenment

Cerulean Starstrider weaves the sensual wisdom of Lana Lightweaver and the heart wisdom of Ayana to guide souls towards divine awakening and planetary consciousness, to become Goddesses and Gods.

How to Use the Multidimensional Oracle

Welcome to the Multidimensional Oracle of Sanuela, a unique divination tool designed to provide multidimensional guidance for your soul’s journey.

Combining the sensual wisdom of Lana Lightweaver, the heart wisdom of Ayana, and the enlightenment wisdom of Cerulean Starstrider, this oracle may offer you daily inspiration or insights into crucial life moments. Here’s how to use it:

1. The Dice: You will need three twenty-sided dice – one yellow for Lana, one green for Ayana, and one blue for Cerulean.

2. Preparation: Begin by sitting in a quiet and comfortable space. Take a few breaths, focusing your attention on your heart centre. Hold the dice in your hands and shuffle them gently while breathing through your heart space.

3. Intention: Silently or aloud, ask for guidance from your heart, from the universe, or from Goddess Gaia (Mother Earth). You can ask a specific question or request general insights. Continue shuffling the dice in your hands until it feels like the right moment to roll them.

4. Rolling the Dice: You have two options for rolling:

  • Roll just one dice to consult the wisdom of either Lana, Ayana, or Cerulean for a specific, focused insight.
  • Roll all three dice for a more diverse and multidimensional perspective.

5. Interpretation: Once you’ve rolled, consult the interpretations for each dice based on its number. Read through the guidance carefully, feel into your heart space, and reflect on its relevance to your question or situation.

6. Flexibility: Remember, the suggestions and practices provided are just that – suggestions. Feel free to adapt them or to consider them from a different perspective if your heart intuition guides you to do so. The idea is to resonate with the messages in a way that is personally meaningful, even if it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

7. Frequency: You can consult the Multidimensional Oracle of Sanuela daily for continual guidance or whenever you feel the need for special insight, whether it’s to make an important decision or to gain inspiration for the next step on your spiritual journey.

Bonus: The Simple Choice Oracle

Receive clear, actionable advice with just a roll of a 20-sided dice. This shortened oracle interpretation is straightforward and easy to use, enabling effortless decision-making. Roll multiple dice for a fuller picture, with repeated numbers emphasising what’s really important.

How to Get the Multidimensional Oracle

Multidimensional Oracle of Sanuela

If you’d like to receive the oracle interpretations of Lana, Ayana, and Cerulean in a printed 50 pages guide book, together with three coloured twenty-sided dice, please send an email to Nils.

Kindle version (without the dice):

Paperback (without the dice):