Stillness comes

when we hug and hold

each other.

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Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH) allows us to experience physical and emotional closeness.

We feel: Hooray, I Am Human!

Let’s learn a new way of coming together with each other, let´s open our heart chakras and expand our capacity to love…

For singles, SEH is an easy, novel way to experience more human closeness. Couples can deepen and refine their connection. Or, if both partners agree, they can experience the meditative and loving embrace with one or more energetic healing partners.

“We experience being held, forgiven, trusted
and unconditionally loved.

We let go. We feel ourselves.”

Touch, Communication, and Healing

This fictional interview explores the transformative power of touch and the importance of connection in human relationships. It discusses the impact of touch on energy centers, the role of breath and heart-centeredness in enhancing the experience, and the need to let go of societal restraints on touch.

(

Unconditional Love and Relationships

This fictional interview delves into the concept of unconditional love and its challenges in human relationships. The discussion explores the role of the ego, trust, and surrender in accepting and experiencing unconditional love. Moon love relationships are introduced as a form of intimate connection where couples establish personal sets of permissions to fulfill their unique wishes for connection. (Read more …)

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