Ayana, My Light and My Love

Excerpt: Beloved Patrons

Ayana was quickly accepted as High Priestess by everyone in the Nima Hills of Sanuela, a region with no one like her. Sooner than expected, not only souls from the village of Luminae were coming to her, but some from afar as well.

Being a channel of love and light for the souls of Sanuela, the life of a High Priestess was meant to always remain in balance, on all levels. She wanted to maintain a high state of astral frequency so that her natural healing powers could flourish and bring many blessings to the souls who gathered with her and those around. At first, this wasn’t easy for Ayana. The sacred rules from the council of Luminous Guardians of the Mystical Caves (*) helped her to stay in equilibrium.

She wished to always vibrate full of love, creating a wonderful love universe around her. In Luminae it began and energetically spread over the whole of Sanuela, influencing the collective love conscious­ness of all souls.

For Ayana’s love energy to shine its brightest, she had to stay in tune with the divine and connect with Goddess Sanuela within her own heart. Every day, she took some time in solitude and deep connection with herself, chanting, meditating, feeling, being mindful of her living and loving presence. From this space, she was able to give her highest light and deepest love.

For some, she was like a mother, a teacher, or a healer. A voice of wisdom, a counsellor, and a messenger of peace, she inspired others to be the best versions of themselves. To do this, her words and actions had to always be in alignment with herself and the highest good for everyone, as best as she could. She became a living example of honesty, kindness, and pure overflowing love.

To maintain her high vibrational state, Ayana only saw one or two beloved patrons a day. Anyone, regardless of age or gender, could request an appointment with her to be written on a single page of parchment. They would briefly explain their emotional state, struggles and challenges, and why they wished to gather with Ayana.

Every morning, Ayana collected the written requests and chose one or two with her intuition and her heart. Those souls would be granted an appointment after one quarter of a purple’s moon. She wrote the names and the dates on a slate panel outside Ayana’s and Kofi’s house, so that the souls who asked for her could return to check if, and when, they had been chosen to see her.

It was not always easy for Ayana to select from the many requests she received each morning. When someone had a longer journey, they were often chosen first, but not if they only wanted some feel-good-time. For these needs, the village had Enchan­tresses and Enchanters of Sensual Bliss. These would give sensual massages and more intimate love experiences. They would also help individuals and couples to improve their lovemaking time by showing and explaining the many ways of blissful sensual experiences.

Occasionally, Ayana’s offerings included slightly intimate times together as well. This always came from pure, sacred love and was not meant for simple pleasure, but rather for a wide opening of the heart and for deep energetic and inner healing processes. Most people of Sanuela understood the distinction between an Enchantress and a High Priestess, and nearly all daily requests came with a wish for inner healing.

One soul might come from a feeling of anger or even hatred towards someone, seeking ways to transform those feelings into higher frequencies. Another might have an imprinted feeling of rejection in their aura because the parents didn’t want another child at first. And yet another could ask for help on their path to enlightenment, as some energetic doors would only open with the intuitive guidance of the opposite sexual energies. This was especially helpful when it came to activating the Divine Serpent of Awakening. For this, she some­times received letters from Cerulean Starstrider, Guide to Enlightenment from Luminae, giving her names of souls who sought him out and needed specific energetic assistance from Ayana.

If she didn’t choose someone, they were free to ask again, as often as they wished. Some had to prove themselves over time for a gathering, while others were chosen immediately. All of her patrons were equal, no matter their gender, age or spiritual orientation. Ayana made sure to give each one of them her full attention and love, for every gathering was special in its own way. She welcomed everyone with open arms and an unconditional love that judged nor refused none.

Ayana always made sure to provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for their gatherings so that her guests could get the most out of it. She advised them to take some time for themselves before entering her presence. Those chosen were asked to cleanse themselves and their aura. She recommended taking a warm bath infused with healing herbs such as lavender, chamomile, or rosemary. They could also practice deep or rapid breathing exercises, grounding meditations or certain body poses to calm and relax the body before the gathering.

If they wished, they could write a poem about what they wanted from the session or any other activity that made them feel connected to their own inner energy. Aside from this, she asked them to bring offerings of incense, favourite essential oils, flowers, or fruits as a sign of gratitude.

She also asked them to bring something meaningful with them, connecting them with their highest self and spirit, like a symbol of their passion or strength in life. Finally, she requested that they spend some time in silence before entering her house so that they could arrive ready to receive her loving energy.

Ayana beamed with a radiant warmth as she opened the door and her arms for a long, welcoming embrace. After lighting incense and chanting light language mantras, she invited them to join her in a meditative and loving state.

After some time of practice, she started to intuitively learn how to feel the energy flows of each person with her hands and direct them in the most beneficial way for their physical, as well as their astral-emotional wellbeing. At times, she also intuitively used essential oils, flower essences, gemstones, and other tools to assist in the healing processes.

Ayana worked with the elements – earth, air, fire, and water – to bring more balance and harmony into their astral bodies. She called upon her spirit guides and ancestors for guidance during the healing process. At the end of a session, she gave everyone a blessing or mantra. She made sure to finish each ceremony with an offering of gratitude, giving each patron also a tangible reminder of their experience. This usually took the form of a stone or shell, filled with Ayana’s love and the energy they had found in their gathering.

Beloved patrons always offered Ayana a fair and honest amount of Dreamstones for the few hours being with her. They gave from their hearts – for the temple space and her divine guidance as a High Priestess of Goddess Sanuela. In exchange, they received her energetic and loving healing time, letting Ayana intuitively decide the details herself.

It was tradition for the High Priestess not to have any direct sexual interaction with beloved patrons. Some gave her more Dreamstones than others, hoping it would increase their chances of being chosen as an adoring devotee in the next purple moon cycle. As such, these traditions were more flexible. It was a great honour and blessing to be chosen by her.

(*) See: High Priestess of Sanuela

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Embrace unconditional love, healing, and the power of unity.

Ayana, a High Priestess of Sanuela, brings love, blessings, and inner healing to her world. She awakens pure, unconditional love in the souls’ hearts and guides their longing towards self-discovery and inner wholeness.

Guided by Goddess Sanuela and her spirit guides, she radiates her loving, astral healing energies to each visiting soul, embracing, caressing and supporting them on their path towards inner growth and healing.

Through intimate encounters of sacred sensuality, exploration of her masculine and feminine sides, and the pursuit of inner unity, Ayana navigates challenges and grows closer to fulfilling her prophecy.

This enchanting tale invites readers to embrace love, healing, and the power of unity in a new awakening world.

Table of Contents


Dreams and Learning Circles

Beloved Patrons

The Passing of the Bunny

Chatting With Ignisia

The Hunger for Pure Love


Healing the Confronted

Memories of the Future

Traditional Anointing Ceremonies

Her First Adoring Devotee

Conscious Unity

Thorns of Craving

Her Dark Feminine

Her Light Feminine

Vibrational Turmoil

The Way of the Runes

The Silken Cloth

The Loving Enchantress

Spring Equinox

Retreats for Self-Redemption

Circles of Devotion

Healing the Breakup

Expressing Her Needs

Sacred Sensuality

Longing for Inner Unity


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If you enjoy this book so far, you can buy it here (and also on some other ebook platforms):

What makes this book special?

In Ayana, My Light and My Love, you can gain a multi-faceted understanding of love — romantic, platonic, and self-love — along with spiritual and emotional well-being. The story serves as a guide for navigating complex relationships, ethical non-monogamy, and personal growth, offering practical insights into energy healing, intuitive guidance, spiritual healing practices, and emotional intelligence.

Through the journey of Ayana and the diverse cast of characters, you can find inspiration and guidance for your own path toward love, unity, and inner healing.