Meditative Healing Journeys to the Roots of Cravings

Alistair Rosedale, from the magical lands of Sanuela

Why These Guided Meditations Work

These guided meditations are transformative journeys towards holistic well-being. They meld proven techniques from hypnotherapy with ancient spiritual practices, providing an alchemic blend of science and soul that addresses your personal root causes of cravings and emotional voids.

Personalised Emotional & Spiritual Deep Dive

The meditations guide you through your own unique tapestry of experiences, traumas, and patterns without making any assumptions. This ensures that the guided journeys are intrinsically tailored to your individual needs, making them most effective.

The meditations guide you to delve deep into your memories and your emotional and spiritual realms, providing a safe space for self-reflection and awakening. The journeys through past experiences are an invitation to face the roots of your cravings and dependencies head-on, but with love and compassion.

Inner Transformation Through Love

The guided meditations emphasise on love as the gentle, yet powerful, agent of change. Love and care – whether human or divine – are core to every aspect of the inner healing journeys, ensuring a balanced and harmonious transition from acknowledgment of your cravings to the release through forgiveness, gratitude, and letting go.

The presence of unconditional love during the meditations create a helpful environment for true, long-lasting change.

Your Personal Benefits

By engaging in these guided meditation practices, you’re investing in more than just a temporary state of relaxation. You’re taking steps to:

  • Achieve self-awareness and emotional clarity on your cravings
  • Cultivate self-love, forgiveness, gratitude, and loving compassion
  • Find your emotional balance to support your physical well-being

Ongoing Support

Regularly practicing these meditations amplify their benefits, providing lasting tools that evolve with you as you progress on your inner healing journey.

By embracing these loving and scientifically-grounded meditation practices, you’re giving yourself a transformative gift that keep on giving.

Healing Journey to the Roots of Cravings

This guided meditation is a transformative journey crafted to address the emotional, spiritual, and physiological roots of food cravings and dependencies. Combining the wisdom of hypnotherapy and ancient spiritual practices, it provides a loving and balanced pathway to holistic well-being.

From Processed to Pure, Whole Fruits

This meditation guides you through a culinary transformation, shifting your cravings from processed foods to whole fruits. By exploring the depths of sensory experience and intuition, it cultivates a newfound appreciation for the nourishment and vitality that come from natural foods.

Improving Your Relationship With Food

This meditation delves into your emotional and psychological connections to food, encouraging a balanced, mindful approach to eating. By guiding you through inner processes that fosters awareness of your various inner parts, it equips you to make choices that align with both physical health and emotional well-being, leading to a more harmonious relationship with your meals.

Embracing the Spiritual Power of Fasting

This guided experience prepares your mind and soul for the transformative potential of a regular weekly fasting practice. Infused with empowering affirmations and energetic alignments, the meditation eases concerns and hesitations, helping you tap into fasting’s rejuvenating spiritual and physical benefits.

How to Get the Meditative Healing Journeys

At the moment, you can get the audio recordings of the guided meditations as MP3 files only upon personal request.

Please send an email to Nils.