Fictional Interview 1: Touch, Communication, and Healing

The sun is shining brightly. Let’s imagine, I’m sitting in the lush green grass of a local park, enjoying a healthy picnic and pleasant conversation with: 

Ayana, High Priestess of Sanuela

Ayana is often seen as an oracle of Goddess Sanuela. With an aura of love and knowledge, she is often sought out by those seeking her guidance. She is a master of the arts of divinely loving hugs and is known for her ability to harmonise energetic instabilities in the aura of a soul. Ayana is also a gifted seer and known to use her skills to help others.

Lana Lightweaver, Enchantress of Sensual Bliss

Lana is a practitioner of sensual arts, helping the souls of Sanuela explore their sensuality and longings in an inwardly healing way. She offers workshops on various aspects of sensuality, including touch, intimacy, and communication, aiming to deepen relationships and explore personal wishes in a safe environment. Lana also provides individual coaching to help people overcome barriers and fully embrace their sensuality. As an experienced practitioner of sensual massage, she creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to facilitate deep relaxation and pleasure. Lana may also offer sensual dance classes and create sensual art to celebrate the beauty and sensuality of the human form.

Cerulean Starstrider, Guide to Enlightenment

Cerulean is a spiritual teacher and mentor, guiding souls on their path to enlightenment. He offers meditation and mindfulness courses to help individuals calm their minds and focus on the present moment, reducing stress and finding inner peace. He provides spiritual counseling sessions to help people overcome personal challenges and discover deeper meaning and purpose in life. Cerulean organizes workshops, retreats, and guided journeys centered around various spiritual practices, aiming to enhance awareness and insight. Through inspiring lectures, he encourages individuals to connect with their inner wisdom and intuition.

Only Fiction, Okay?

The characters are purely fictional and there is no correlation to any humans here on Gaia, except for parts within myself as the author and intuitive vessel for them. They live on Sanuela, a planetary goddess with similarities to our own world. In many ways, the Sanuelans have gone through more transitions than us already. There is more love on Sanuela.

A Picnic in the Park

Nils: “Ayana, my light and my love. I wish to thank you for what you have brought into my personal life. It has changed since I wrote the first lines about you, and I can see the ripples of these changes spreading into the lives of those around me. Well done! You have changed the collective consciousness. I find your perspectives so loving, thank you for bringing this into our world.”

Ayana: “The learning is always from one another, my love. Thank you for becoming aware of us. As a High Priestess of Sanuela, I can offer what your world lacks so much.”

Nils: “Yes. For a human being who likes touch to connect better, to balance each other, and to feel a stronger love current, this is a challenging world to live in. You are fortunate that Sanuela offers a different experience altogether!”

Cerulean smiled and laughed, “Thanks for your persistent writing about our perspectives. You humans on Gaia, it’s really time to unlearn the distancing and over-protecting patterns you are so proud of …”

Nils: “You all have taught me so much about conscious touch and inner healing. How would you describe this to a human on Gaia in just a few words, capturing the essence of your teachings around connection through touch?”

Ayana: “Touch is an energetic medicine for all involved. A group of souls holding hands in a circle, or a group cuddling together in the centre of a temple room is one way to feel the energies of other souls, balancing each other out. Even stronger, of course, are the individual hugs that we frequently do for twenty or thirty earth minutes at a time with souls who ask for this.”

Nils: “Why is the effect so strong?”

Ayana: “When both breathe through their heart centres during the deep hugging experience, whether standing or sitting, then all of your energy centres align with one another. They send signals and communicate with each other.”

Nils: “I can easily imagine that.”

Ayana: “And you have experienced it yourself many times, understanding the meaning of these astral energy movements. It’s all about balance. When we hug and hold one another in love, our energy centres self-regulate and balance themselves out automatically.”

Nils: “In our world, with our customs, we usually hug for a few seconds and believe that this is how the heart wants to experience it. Fortunately, more souls are discovering this beautiful energetic healing art every day.”

Cerulean: “As a man, I can understand your situation. Some women are too shy or too reserved to touch hands with a man for more than a sparkling moment.”

Nils: “Or they were hurt and couldn’t quite forgive yet. What would you say, dear Cerulean, why is it good to hold someone’s hand?”

Cerulean: “Ahh, there are so many reasons! Firstly, the communication between your astral energies and frequencies is much more effective when you touch a body physically. The astral bodies become connected and merged at that moment. You feel oneness with each other, even if only a hint of it, as this feeling can be foreign to some who aren’t used to it.

You could say, if they don’t have angelic parts in them, not even through their spirit guides, then true inner oneness can only be an imagination. But all angels remember this place of oneness. They know exactly how good it feels.”

Nils: “Some angels love touch, but I am astonished that some angelic humans with the highest and purest love frequencies can be very cautious.”

Ayana: “Ignisia, my spirit guide, told me I come from an angelic background. So, I trust him in this, as I have no memories of any lives on a planet like 999 Celestria.

On Gaia, there is still much forgiveness needed. Forgive, and then accept the other hand if you can feel love with this soul, on whatever personal level, without judging or categorising this feeling. You can then simply feel. That is the beauty of touch, both receive, and that is their giving.”

Nils: “It can often be seen as the beginning of a relationship.”

Ayana: “And sometimes, it is, as you know. All our relationships begin with a touch. But you could also hold hands, in a gentle, caressing way, so that the other soul feels it comes from love. It is a powerful energetic transmission between both of you. Simply let go of old patterns of categorisation and be free to consciously experience the connection.”

Lana: “I find placing my hand over the energy centres of another soul very helpful. I am immediately connected with my heart and with the energies of this soul. Of course, I always breathe through my heart centre, as Ayana teaches us well.”

Nils: “Your guests come to you with the clarity that they wish to experience more sacred sensuality.”

Lana: “Yes, that makes my work easier than yours. Sensuality was once more restricted in our land as well, though that was long ago.”

Nils: “What is so different on Sanuela, now?”

Lana: “Oh, we have triad relationships, Moon Love relationships, adoring devotee relationships, beloved patrons, and many more -all kinds of mixtures. We had to be creative with the names and inner rules that allowed us to experience each other in our own, personal way. Suddenly, all colours were thinkable in all shades within each relationship.”

Nils: “How did the shift happen?”

Ayana: “It was like an ever-growing awareness in the collective. A gradual understanding that filled us with more and more trust to follow new paths.”

Nils: “Was your first fully free hug with a man awkward at first?”

Ayana: “Only until I fully embraced the beauty of it, when we both breathed through our heart centres.”

Nils: “Did you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation because of the daily offerings you give to the souls of Sanuela?”

Ayana smiled, “No, my dear. My heart is attracting those who already know about the inner healing powers of hugging, since they have experienced it and felt something positive about it. They come to me seeking more balance and harmony.”

Nils: “What makes your hugs different from Lana’s or Cerulean’s?”

Ayana: “My embraces are a symbol of my light and my love, and that of Goddess Sanuela. They are accepting arousal, but not inducing. With Lana this is different, naturally. With Cerulean’s hugs, some have experienced highly energised love bubbles splashing through their astral spines,” she giggled, having felt energetic climaxes with him many times over. Ayana and Cerulean shared a Moon Love together.

Nils: “Three energetically different types of hugs offered by three souls.”

Lana: “And a world that welcomes our embraces.”

Nils: “I will visit and write more about your lives, so that we can fully forgive and make peace with the old restraints of touch and loving human closeness.”

More Love on Gaia

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A conscious, loving, hugging meditation in a spirit of forgiveness, harmonising, and receiving is our strongest energetic medicine.

Shall we hug more often and for longer? Shall we hold hands when we meet and connect with one another?

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