Hooray, I am Human!

Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH) for Singles & Couples

Book Summary

For souls seeking closeness, Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH) is a beautiful meditation experience with heart and touch. Hooray, we are humans and not bio-robots! Let’s learn a new coming together with each other, let´s open our heart chakras and expand our capacity to love…

For singles, SEH is an easy, new way to more human closeness. Couples can balance their togetherness, deepening and refining their connection. Or, if both agree, they look for one or more energetic healing partners to experience the meditative, loving embrace with other souls together.

We experience being held, forgiven,
trusted and unconditionally loved.
We let go. We feel ourselves.

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What makes this book special?

This book introduces you to Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH), a practice that combines energetic balance with emotional intimacy. The practical exercises can strengthen trust and connection in your relationships. From managing jealousy to fostering honest loving communication, this book paves the way for a fulfilling, multi-dimensional love life.

Chapter Summaries


Introducing the concept of Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH), a practice that aims to balance emotional and spiritual energies between partners. The author encourages embracing human feelings and needs of love and closeness.

Heart Chakra Breathing

This exercise enhances trust, connection, and emotional balance. Over time, this simple but effective spiritual exercise can become a habit, deepening emotional intimacy and energetic harmony.

Loving, honest communication

By focusing on heart chakra breathing during conversations, souls can create a more genuine and balanced connection, particularly between “Yin and Yang” partners.

SEH: Sensual Energetic Healing

SEH involves extended embraces that balance Yin and Yang energies, providing a form of energetic meditation. Beyond physical connection, SEH offers deep emotional and spiritual benefits, fostering self-discovery and healing.

SEH in the relationship

SEH (Sensual Energetic Healing) is a powerful tool for couples to deepen their emotional and energetic bonds through long embraces. Practicing SEH regularly, even in the midst of relationship challenges, can enhance connection, aids in chakra harmonisation, and facilitates personal and joint growth.

Love couples and energetic healing couples

SEH (Sensual Energetic Healing) can be experienced with an energetic healing partner, who can be either a romantic partner or a trusted individual of the opposite energetic polarity (Yin or Yang).

“Am I not enough for you anymore?”

While some relationships might thrive with the added dimension of energetic healing partners, others may find it challenging. Every relationship’s path is individual, requiring mutual love, trust, and understanding.

Jealousy, an emotion monster

Triggered by past traumas or breaches of trust, jealousy can lead to an emotional whirlpool of helplessness, fear of loss, and low self-esteem. To address this, open, honest communication is crucial, as well as a clear understanding of what each partner desires from the relationship.

Is falling in love a problem?

Honesty, transparency, and love are key elements in any relationship type. The chapter delves into the complexities of love, fidelity, and relationship structures, questioning traditional monogamous norms.

Holding the relationship

Introducing external energetic experiences into a committed relationship can be challenging. Successful integration can rejuvenate and strengthen a relationship.

Preparation and attunement

Being comfortable smelling each other

When choosing an energetic healing partner, being comfortable with each other’s smell can be an indicator of complementary auras and energies.

Purity, ethics and boundaries

Using Heart Chakra Breathing as a method to focus on spiritual and emotional connection.

Finding trust

When two souls meet and are unsure whether they should become energetic healing partners, the questions in this chapter can help.

Cacao ceremony

Drinking ceremonial cacao together serves as a moment of opening up for energetic healing partners. Sharing the cacao while focusing on heart chakra breathing can deepen the connection between partners.

Feeling gratitude

Practicing gratitude during SEH sessions can enhance the experience and contribute to overall emotional and energetic health.

Our hand chakras communicate

When we hold hands, we connect, our astral bodies exchange, we communicate energetically. It is energetically healing, connecting and balancing.


Eye-gazing involves maintaining non-judgmental eye contact to deepen emotional and energetic connections, which can be enhanced by breathing through the heart chakra.

Energetic heart chakra bubbling

Energetic healing couples open and connect their heart chakras through hand placements, creating an energetic flow.

Experience SEH together

Three times nine minutes

To deepen the experience of SEH, the practice can be divided into three nine-minute segments, guided by themes like forgiveness, gratitude, and giving/receiving love.

We feel love“

Expressing “I feel love” instead of “I love you” focuses the emotion inwardly, avoiding projection. This enables an atmosphere of unconditional, non-possessive love.

Being held

The act of being held is a fundamental energetic healing technique often overlooked in modern life.

Can we (still) trust the Yang?

After society’s historical overemphasis on Yang’s leadership qualities, we need a renewed mutual trust between Yin and Yang, emphasising their complementary roles in balanced, non-exploitative relationships.

The balance between boundary setting, control and loving awareness

The chapter explores the delicate balance between boundary-setting and forgiveness in intimate relationships, emphasising the need for open communication, mutual respect, and empathy.

Forgiving with SEH

SEH can facilitate forgiveness and emotional balance, not just between the immediate participants but also as a proxy for other strained relationships, restoring balance within.

Forgiveness ritual

True forgiveness requires emotional readiness and openness, and has the power to bring healing and new awareness both on a personal and collective level.

Forgiveness of sexual exploitation, abuse and withholding

Honest communication, empathy, and the use of heart chakra energies foster forgiveness and healing, both personally and collectively.

Trust, connection and intimacy

Mutual boundaries and goals of the relationship can be collaboratively defined with open, honest communication.

Need for physical affection

Every soul has different needs for physical closeness. Empathic awareness can help find a fulfilling balance of intimacy for both partners.

SEH at night

Couples can deepen their connection through SEH at night. Conscious breathing through the heart chakra and inner perception can enhance the mutual cuddle experience.

From ego to heart

Personal and collective growth involves moving from the ego-driven lower three chakras to the heart chakra, emphasizing love, empathy, and connection.

Intensity of love frequencies

Adjust the level of emotional and physical intimacy in relationships to find a balanced, fulfilling connection that aligns with the changing needs and desires of each partner.

Astral tingling and Kundalini

Conscious eating and self-awareness can heighten sensitivity to astral energies and Kundalini experiences, which can manifest during intimate moments like long hugs. Arousal can be understood not just as sexual, but as a spiritual energy that can aid in the awakening process.

Learning and sharing

Communication, experimentation, and self-awareness is essential in energetic healing partnerships to find a balance between commitment and variety, confront feelings like jealousy or possessiveness, and to continuously reassess what feels right and good.

Better safe than sorry

Listen to your intuition and set new boundaries if something feels off.

Solve relationship problems together

Consulting a relationship coach can offer a safe space for couples to positively transform their relationship.

Heart chakra breathing groups

Engage in circle meditations with eye-gazing and shared breathing exercises to foster energetic healing and a sense of unity.

What about this 5D hype?

Now is the time to move beyond the limitations of the lower three chakras to experience higher dimensions of consciousness through the heart chakra and a deeper, multi-dimensional understanding of ourselves and the world.

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