Am I worthy of your love?

(Inspired by St. Germain: The I AM Discourses)

Am I worthy of your love? What a great question, if we are willing to work on our ego issues.

Am I worthy of your love? What a dangerous question, if it takes us straight to our deepest shadow issues of self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love. And yet, we may ask this of ourselves sometimes.

Am I worthy of your love?, the disciple asks the master, the man asks his beloved or the woman asks her first true love. And the master, the beloved, the true love smiles: Why do you ask? Do you not feel your own inner full completeness in yourself?

I AM. When we become aware that we are alive, we usually become aware of our own imperfections.

I AM. When we become aware that we are perfect and complete in ourselves, but most of the time we do not want to or cannot yet perceive this, then the path to ourselves, which we call “spiritual,” begins.

I AM. When we learn to love our inner completeness, we also feel worthy to love ourselves as we are.

We are then on the path to the highest peak of our growth potential, in search of the God and Goddess that unite deep within us. Or, in more technical terms, we are going within, ascending to the highest possible dimension in the process.

This journey inward can only be made with love. With a love that far exceeds our personality, our shadow issues, our fears and blockages.

Inside we are light. Inside we are love. In everyday life, it is sometimes difficult to “grasp” this. But it is possible: In a dark room retreat we can experience our Inner Light, and with Heart Chakra Breathing we can experience in every moment of our lives that we are love.

If we can remember that we are already complete within, then all at once the question of worthiness no longer arises.

In love we can meet, from being to being, from I to I, and we find a WE ARE together.



Hi, I´m Nils, intuitive writer on topics like Yin & Yang, inner shadow work, higher dimensions, sacred sensuality, kundalini and energetic healing of our chakras and our astral or emotional body. Let LOVE be thy medicine. Let's learn together Heart Chakra Breathing, Healer & Creator and SEH. In my heart chakra breathing groups or in an intensive self-love retreat for singles or couples on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I can show you step by step how to better integrate your heart chakra into your daily life.