What is a “chaste” relationship?

Most of us probably understand it as the church’s interpretation of sexually abstinent partner relationships. That is why the word is not very popular nowadays. But the meaning of the word “chaste” has been distorted over the years. Let’s look it up in Wiktionary:

Origin: Borrowed from Old High German “kūski” via Middle High German “kiusch(e)”; an ethical term since the beginning of its demonstrability, originally with a wider range of meanings (shameful, meek, virtuous, and others); originally probably from Latin “conscius”


If we now also look up the word conscious in Wikipedia, the complete picture emerges:

The English word “conscious” originally derived from the Latin conscius (con- “together” and scio “to know”), but the Latin word did not have the same meaning as the English word—it meant “knowing with”, in other words, “having joint or common knowledge with another”.


What are characteristics of a “conscious relationship”?

  • In a conscious relationship, our egos do not fight each other, but we have learned to communicate lovingly and consciously.
  • In a conscious relationship, sexuality and sensuality becomes a conscious, spiritual, loving and “holy” (from: whole = perfect) ritual.
  • In a conscious relationship we walk our spiritual, mental and physical path together and give each other from the heart what we need for inner healing and growth.

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