Self-Love Experience (for singles or couples)

Treat yourself to a spiritual holiday retreat on Tenerife.

Find inner harmony and experience spiritual awakenings in a retreat on the beautiful island of Tenerife. Enjoy heart chakra breathing and energy work, or let SEH (Sensual Energetic Healing) transport you to a new level of self-love. Become inspired, find new visions, and nurture your soul.

Alone or as a couple, for one or two weeks – together, we will look at your personal stories and find ways to bring them into love in an intuitive and energetic way.

Hello, I’m Nils, intuitive author and heart chakra coach.

Live and stay with me. There is no set schedule – we create the time together as we feel, a good mix of alone and together time. When you are by yourself, you can reflect, relax and find your own solutions, insights, and fresh perspectives. The time together we can experience in phases: intensively, calmly or playfully, as you prefer.

The alignment and right combination for your personal retreat emerges intuitively together, towards more unconditional self-love, more inner harmony, personal freedom and self-responsibility. And if you are a highly sensitive person, also towards more inner kundalini and astral tingling.

It is my deepest desire to help you find a deeper connection with yourself and others in new, improved, and healthier ways. 

I will support you with loving, honest communication, shamanic practices, ceremonies and rituals, energetic healing and chakra harmonisation, and optional hugging meditations (SEH).

Open your heart chakra as wide as it feels good and safe for you, and experience your world from your inner heart space. Become a powerful astral magnet, energetically drawing into your life the souls and opportunities that can help you on your path of healing and growth.

Experience healthy, conscious sugar-free eating, and learn how to gradually change your eating and drinking habits. If you like, I can show you the path to being sugar-free without any cravings.

The retreat does not replace therapy, nor does it wish to be one. Instead of spending a lot of time focusing on our problems and worries, we travel together into the inner heart space. We communicate from there lovingly and honestly, finding our centre and discovering our energetic permanent source of wellbeing and inner balance.

Couples can find a new, deeper and more authentic connection and closeness with each other. Singles learn to build up their astral magnetic heart field to attract the experiences and souls that are important and right for their inner healing and journey of growth.

Your accommodation consists of a separate guest bungalow with private bathroom and a cosy chill-out zone outside.

For the more advanced, there is also the possibility of spending a few hours or days in complete darkness, which can bring about deep inner healing and a great inner growth spurt.

In darkness, we can find the divine inner yin. She is not “evil” or scary (only on TV), but rather sacred, precious and feminine. Some will be able to see their radiant inner soul light. For me, these experiences are the most beautiful of my life, and they have changed me completely from deep within.

Your investment per week, with my personal accompaniment, including accommodation and meals:

Retreat timeSingle soulsCouples
first week555 – 888 EUR* 888 – 1111 EUR*
second or third week444 – 777 EUR*777 – 999 EUR*

(* = Pay what feels right for you.)

Do you have any questions?

Let’s meet for a video call to see if we could work on your self-love together!

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