Yin Yang conflict

The unhealed conflict between Yin & Yang

Yin is going through a difficult time of healing. Millennia of Yang dictatorship are coming to an end, the old is dissolving, the new is slowly emerging, and we are cautiously trying to take our first steps in a world that seems so new and so different.

But something holds us back. The Yang has not yet been forgiven. The Yin still remembers all the many small and big mistakes of the Yang very well. The pain sits deep, a millennia-old thorn that should serve as a memorial and is not released.

Sometimes even the Yin has not yet been forgiven. Some feel exploited or manipulated, they wait for the love and integration gift of Yin, do not understand the rules and rejections.

But the New World can only be reached together, when Yin and Yang find a new balance, when they make peace with each other, when they can love each other again. The old opposition must be forgiven, otherwise both will not make it with the full experience of the New World. First in our personal relationships, and then collectively and globally.

Are we ready to forgive each other?

Yin and Yang stand for our inner parts, but also for the female and male gender, in which the balance between the inner Yin and the inner Yang tends a little more in one direction or the other.

Men want only one thing? Well, they want love and loving approval, in a very physical way, that’s because of their polarity direction: inside out. If they don’t get it, they might get grumpy.

Women only want security and comfort? Well, love and loving recognition, too, of course. But the security thing, that’s because of their polarity direction: from the outside in. If they don’t get it, they might get grumpy.

So what? Do we meet in the middle? Can we forgive each other our being human and our polarity orientation, read: our gender? Because in the end, we both want the same thing.



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