Humans need physical closeness

Strange that I have to write an article about this at all. But our “modern” world has unfortunately largely forgotten what makes us human and distinguishes us from bio-robots. Closeness! We need physical closeness. Otherwise we die, either already as an infant shortly after birth or later, inwardly, day by day a little bit more.

Many suppress this idea, they either have no time (or “more important things to do”) or they believe quite firmly that they would be above such things long ago. They don’t let it get to them, because the realization could hurt, sometimes the topic is even connected with trauma. They split off the need and repress this part of themselves, deep in their inner shadows, unconsciously and cut off from the rest of their self.

But denying the wish for closeness has consequences, the shadows then eventually become great monsters, they “live” like the emotion demons and thought monsters in the higher dimensions, which we “modern” people also categorically exclude, because we can not measure and prove them in the third dimension.

Yes, the shadows, they hunt us, in our lives and also in the collective, that’s why masks and distance rules are the new norm at the moment. We have created this situation for ourselves, so that we finally learn: we are not machines, we are human beings. We need closeness.

Closeness is strictly regulated

How can we as humans get closeness? Classically, only in a closed partner relationship or in the family. In kindergarten and school we get withdrawal, because closeness with friends is usually another. Later as adults we get closeness in our own love relationship, with the family we have created ourselves or with our pets.

If this closeness is not enough or too different from our ideas, we either cheat (another collective shadow theme, linked with great fears and jealousy) or we pay money for a massage, a tantra workshop or go to prostitutes or callboys. Everything else is taboo, the few alternatives almost still are, and they occupy only a tiny marginal area of our social life.

However, since we as adolescents do not know exactly how to experience beneficial and healing closeness with each other, we only progress through trial & error. Thus we make mistake after mistake and learn only very laboriously.

Lack of closeness in the relationship is certainly the most common reason for separation, because physical, mental and spiritual closeness, apart from the feeling of greater security, is usually the reason why we enter into a relationship with a person of the other polarity (yin and yang, even in same-sex couples).

SEH (meditative embraces) as an alternative?

Feeling close is actually quite simple: we embrace each other while breathing through our heart chakra. We don’t need to kiss, we don’t need to undress, and so we can experience this closeness well with an energetic healing partner, whether single or outside of a relationship, if it has been discussed and accepted together.

But please try explaining this idea to another human and ask if it can be tried together. There is a lot of distrust in these days of the expiring Yang dictatorship, especially towards the male gender! Others don’t want to because of fear or shame or other unresolved inner issues.

Longer hugging? That’s only possible with a steady partner, that’s our collectively felt law and that’s why we feel it’s right. Otherwise, we might fall in love, which then only causes problems… Well, that depends on how we deal with falling in love, I wrote about that in my book Hooray, I am Human! You can listen to it for free on YouTube, I’m recording it right now (02/2022) chapter by chapter.



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