Do you want to be touched? Or are you afraid?

My theme for this year is loving touch. On the one hand physically, for this I am currently writing an (audio) book about meditative hugs, which I am releasing chapter by chapter for free on my YouTube channel.

And then there are the inner touches. Good grace! What are people afraid of touch…

I talk and write about how we open the heart chakra further – but most are (unconsciously) afraid. I can say that, because I know it all too well. It is the fear of opening up completely to one’s own feelings, and I don’t just mean the painful ones, but also the overwhelmingly deep and intimate feelings of our love.In our “modern” world, it is quite easy to repress this love. For years, alcohol and sugar were my self-medication to avoid feeling deeper into my love and light.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us, said Marianne Williamson, and she ist right.

When we feel into the love in our heart chakra, we find our inner center. If we go even further inside, we find the center of our personal universe there. There is a point there, like a black hole, in which there is no more duality. There, everything is allowed to BE.

How is that for you? How many minutes or hours a day do you feel into your heart chakra?



Hi, I´m Nils, intuitive writer on topics like Yin & Yang, inner shadow work, higher dimensions, sacred sensuality, kundalini and energetic healing of our chakras and our astral or emotional body. Let LOVE be thy medicine. Let's learn together Heart Chakra Breathing, Healer & Creator and SEH. In my heart chakra breathing groups or in an intensive self-love retreat for singles or couples on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I can show you step by step how to better integrate your heart chakra into your daily life.