Women circles with two guests?

After watching many announcements of ever more women circles and retreats, after talking with many women and men about this, let me try to suggest a new approach that could lead to more healing.

Our personal and global world has never been as seperated as this before. Even though we might feel more connected via social media, digital messengers and many new possibilities of spiritual social gatherings like never before, we are also being further seperated because of the unhealed conflicts and different perspectives, especially between Yin and Yang. You can also see this in the ever increasing numbers of single people.

Women meet on their own because they are sick of the Yang dictatorship that we have all experienced in the last few thousand years, not only in this current incarnation, but already for many lives. Well, men have also been suffering from this. A few years ago I didn´t even know this, because I have been brought up and was controlled by this false system of way too much Yang thinking and not enough Yin feeling.

Now we see the old world is coming to an end, with their exaggerated number counting, stereotyped and false logical thinking that has no base and no life values. We both struggle with this, Yin AND Yang.

Many women don´t really know any more what it means to be female, and I consciously write this as a man (but for sure I have been a woman in many lifes as well). I totally get that, and so I see the need for women circles and retreats.

But true healing takes place on a deeper level and cannot be experienced with separation, because we all have hurt Yin and Yang parts in us, and one cannot heal alone without the other. (Please also see: The unhealed conflict between Yin & Yang)

So, what is a better way? Some say, now it is time for women to show the way. I believe this is partly true. But we´ve also experienced very unbalanced times like that already. I call the age of aquarius the age of new, balanced Yin. What do I mean by this? Well, certainly not more seperation!

How about having women gatherings and sometimes invite two men into the circle? It also works the other way around, although there are hardly any spiritual men gatherings.

Two guests of the other energetic polarity won´t steal the show, they won´t mess up any energies or lessen the “beautiful healing athmosphere” that everyone is looking for (not only women). In fact, the two guests might increase the healing power, and certainly the understanding for each other.

If you want to extend the integration of yin and yang one step further, invite the guests to a round of SEH experience at the beginning or end of the time together, for those who want. Meditative embraces can work true emotional wonders in our yin-and-yang experience.



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