Are we all a bit narcissistic?

Colloquially, a “narcissist” is a person who displays pronounced egoism, arrogance and selfishness and behaves ruthlessly towards others.

Are we all Nazis narcissists? There are distinctly visible forms of narcissism, but there are also the very subtle harbingers, in homeopathic doses, so to say. We think we are particularly important, we pile ourselves up in front of others like chess players with a limited perspective of the truth, or we show the first small signs of gaslighting: even a “Please calm down…” can be described as such, as I recently found out through research.

At this point, I would like to mention that in the past I probably used to have a pronounced narcissistic behavioral disorder as well and am on the road to inner healing. But even this statement could be interpreted narcissistically if I portray myself as a victim, possibly seeking attention.

Where do our narcissistic manners come from?

Already at a young age we are mentally inoculated that our being is limited to our physical body (which is wrong), and that we need a lot of distance and detachment from other people (which is not always good and right).

We play parlor games (in German: Gesellschaftsspiele, meaning “social games“), even at the youngest age, which in reality divide and separate us from each other, because they make us mental opponents. It’s just a game, we say, but that’s precisely why the animalistic patterns of opposing each other imprint themselves so deeply into our emotional (astral) guts that many can’t get them out for a lifetime afterwards.

We are taught that losing is stupid and makes us sad, but we should not show it because we would already be grown up and have learned to be “good losers”. Why do we have to hide behind a mask already as a child? And why don’t we already learn in kindergarten about the many advantages of playing cooperatively and winning or losing cooperatively?

Our so-called “social media” do the rest: a selfie here, marveling at the likes and hearts there. And I must personally confess that when I write a text, as an author I also wish for a bit of attention and check whether my text has also been read by someone (which is unfortunately less and less the case, because my words are apparently understood by the now quite intelligent software and throttled down to “quiet”).

Are we virtually trained to develop basic narcissistic traits by using certain Internet portals? We can learn to be arrogant in numerous interest groups of said portals. The spatial separation and the fact that we usually chat with people we don’t know at all on these portals means that many of us also lose some of our inhibitions: We learn to distinguish ourselves from other people in an egoistic way.

Should we find ourselves most important? And if so, why?

The answer is clear to many, we become better adapted and prepared to the commercial system of our world that binds us. Success at work for us usually means: having to outdo the others. What was that again? Losing is stupid and makes you sad. That’s why we run ourselves half to death in our hamster wheels, for the sake of the good economy or also because we need our “certificates” (German: Scheine = something taken for real on the basis of a deception, according to the dictionary).

Even in politics, those who do not have a good dose of egoism, arrogance and selfishness usually do not get far (see: definition of narcissism, quote above).

Some learn narcissistic behavior from their father or mother, from a sister or a brother. Especially “young” souls are already born with narcissistic dispositions, because all or most of their previous incarnations as human beings have taken place in the era of yang dictatorship, which is now ending in a natural (planetary) way. They do not know it any other way.

The yang dictatorship needed narcissistic people to be able to grow

We are now opening up to the new, balanced yin. In a completely new way, unfamiliar to all of us at first, no matter how much yin we may already carry within us. But some souls vaguely and half unconsciously remember the times before the yang dictatorship, they may have already lived in Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu and have already tried the most diverse forms of coexistence. Now we need to find a new, harmonious mixture of the best parts of Yin and Yang. We find a new, flowing balance, which we can readjust daily.

The first step to yin is to open our heart. Yin cannot be deeply experienced without heart love. If we do not know moments of deep and connected inner ecstasy of love, we cannot imagine the possible depth and beauty. If we become more sensitive again, we feel ourselves and our love.

The easiest way to do this is to imagine that we are breathing through our heart chakra. Over and over again, never ending. Let’s breathe love in and breathe love out. Let us connect with our subtle heart center, vibrate ourselves into love and light.

As we breathe through our heart chakra, our ego voice dims down, as the light of our heart shines brighter and more beautiful. We embrace the ego in the process, it keeps us here in the body and sometimes has an exhausting job, we can be grateful to it!

We can listen to the voice of the ego, guide it with our breath through our heart chakra and then feel inside. We always find the answer in our heart. We just have to be honest with ourselves.



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