Getting to know each other consciously

A conscious relationship between Yin and Yang already starts with the first acquaintance. Are there expectations, dreams, wishes, or may Gaia (others say: “the universe”) simply initiate the play and flirt scene and both look in which direction it wants to develop?

May there also be a tentative feeling in when getting to know each other or does everything have to synchronize perfectly and magically merge, otherwise it could not be the dream partner?

Why do we believe that the biochemical process of falling in love in a flash is important and do we know examples of friends where it worked out differently?

If we are open and pure, can we let things happen and watch them happen? Some getting-to-know stories go slower, others faster. Can we observe them without judging hastily?

Sometimes the first conscious getting to know, and with it also the possible love, is prevented right at the beginning because a person puts us in the friendship drawer and then tells us so.

I notice again and again, this thinking drawer is narrow and uncomfortable. Often, hearts can no longer be sent, touching is only allowed under strict conditions and loving words only if they are not too romantic.

In friendships, deeper loving feelings are often blocked, they then serve as a shield to avoid having to show or open up.

Who is a friend? And for whom would I also want to open up further? We are often not aware of the real reasons for this decision.

Can we get to know each other without boundaries and boxes if we feel good together with another soul? How much heart opening do we allow ourselves?



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