Unconditional, giving love

In the last few months, I had learned to be able to give a lot internally without immediately expecting a love response. I had become accustomed to this state, found it normal. What we find normal, we can give to other people without any further effort of energy.

So today I find it quite normal when I can hold a woman lovingly in my arms and concentrate primarily on my giving. Sure, I also receive a loving touch back, but what’s important to me is that my flow of giving doesn’t stop.

If we let this flow of love flow more strongly, if we allow it to grow… And if there are then also souls in our lives who can and want to receive it gratefully, who are not afraid of love because they are in the giving process themselves: Then unconditional love can actually be experienced.

Only, who is willing to try such an experience? Aren’t most people far too afraid of love, even if it’s very hard to admit it to ourselves? Yes, we want love, but always with conditions. I give you this, you give me that. In a relationship (the German word Beziehung contains the word: pulling) these are normal agreements.

In SEH (Sensual Energetic Healing) the exchange happens automatically through the astral (that is: subtle and energetic) unity experienced with each other. The vibrations within us that are in turmoil or chaos are harmonized when we bring them together with the frequencies of another soul that is also resting in its heart center while breathing.

If we can exist in love, and our frequencies match, then we are both doing ourselves good. On the release weekend of the German version of my book Hooray, I’m Human! synchronicities and my going with the flow led me to an unusual experience with a dear woman I had just met.

We did an eye meditation for what must have been 10 minutes or more. Afterwards we hugged for many minutes, we breathed through our heart chakras and experienced SEH together, we formed a big bright ball of light on the lawn, made from two white light bubbles.

Thank you Gaia, my Spirit Guides, and thank you to the dear Angel Woman who made this experience possible. I was allowed to experience how spontaneously arisen unconditional love feels. No expectations, no wishes, during the meditative embrace there was only a wonderful closeness and oneness. Thank you!



Hi, I´m Nils, intuitive writer on topics like Yin & Yang, inner shadow work, higher dimensions, sacred sensuality, kundalini and energetic healing of our chakras and our astral or emotional body. Let LOVE be thy medicine. Let's learn together Heart Chakra Breathing, Healer & Creator and SEH. In my heart chakra breathing groups or in an intensive self-love retreat for singles or couples on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I can show you step by step how to better integrate your heart chakra into your daily life.