I also know this fear of growth

In my article Do you want to be touched? Or are you afraid? I wrote about my experiences in the past. But of course, I have the same fear of inner growth that everyone has.

During an interview just now came a beautiful definition of this “path” we call growth. We are actually already. We just don’t want to admit it. Our fear of recognizing who we are is what scares us.

This fear can be so strong that it keeps us from growing further. With drugs (e.g. as with me: sugar or alcohol), distractions (with me for a long time: business, parties or “alternative” news) one can keep quite well out of this deep longing feeling in our heart, which wants us to come back.

Then, once we start with Heart Chakra Breathing and allow our heart center to be felt intensely again and again, we also find back a bit to this inner sacredness, to the Inner Light that we are. We are afraid of this light, as Marianne Williamson already recognized. I feel this over and over again.

“The path” is a constant balancing and integrating. And after that, we move on, letting go of our fears a bit more to see who we really are.

Until we get scared again and have to pause for some time. Again and again, letting go, accepting, growing on. Back to what we have long been. Sounds almost a little absurd, doesn’t it. ?



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