Dear Yang! Not all was bad.

I write so much about the new age of balanced Yin, and so much about all the “bad” sides of Yang that we have now experienced in tedium for several thousand years. In the last few years, this power has been particularly obvious.

2020 felt like a last burst before the Yin entered our world more and more, if we could open to it. We can now continue to let go step by step, detach from old structures and embrace the new. If we are ready.

In some other blog articles I describe how the new Yin can be lived more, for example, in Tantra or in joint meetings.

Not all was bad!

The Yang also deserves a tribute at this point. Without my wonderful inner Yang, I wouldn’t be striving so hard for clarity, precision, red thread and doability.

These qualities help me when writing or realizing projects of all kinds, such as the latest with my angel friend Angela: a spiritual Telegram game. More info on that coming soon!

Now I can make good use of my logical-mathematical programming skills, which I acquired in phases on the side. It even felt really good to think myself into a fixed program logic again and to write a nine page description for the programmer.

The Yang gives me and my life structure and order. Of course, it must not be too much, I love my newly experienced freedom through the new frequencies of the Yin just as much. Without the Yin in me, I also would not have found creativity and connecting gifts for the individual aspects of the program.

I am a human being and a man, and I like it that way. I forgive my inner Yang, I accept it and let go at the same time, so that I can experience it together with the new balanced Yin.

And then, hand in hand, Yin and Yang harmoniously joined, we go into the New World as a new whole consciousness.



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