The beauty of the universe in the universe

I’m sure the majority of men will agree with me: Women are beautiful! From them reflects an irresistible attraction for men, but often also for other women, if they can end the old sibling squabble whether any woman should be classified “more beautiful” than another.

But it is not only her outer beauty and otherness, but also the inner: in her there is a completely different universe than that of the man. Maybe (hopefully) there are similarities in many themes and fields of feelings, but otherwise it is rather exactly the otherness to our own universe that we find so fascinating and attractive.

Women see it the same way, that’s why many attract a kind of man that doesn’t fit their own emotional world, many find the difference sexy.

Can we perceive and accept the outer and inner beauty of a human being, in all its individual colors? Can and may we also feel love for each other, if we find ourselves and the other soul inwardly beautiful, even if we have not currently entered into a relationship contract with each other?



Hi, I´m Nils, intuitive writer on topics like Yin & Yang, inner shadow work, higher dimensions, sacred sensuality, kundalini and energetic healing of our chakras and our astral or emotional body. Let LOVE be thy medicine. Let's learn together Heart Chakra Breathing, Healer & Creator and SEH. In my heart chakra breathing groups or in an intensive self-love retreat for singles or couples on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I can show you step by step how to better integrate your heart chakra into your daily life.