Giving and taking in balance

We say that in a harmonious relationship, giving and taking should be in balance, so that everything remains harmonious and balanced and no one demands more energy from the other than she or he can give back.

And yes, there are those dangers of falling completely into a victim role, on both sides of the story.

But we can’t always make it that easy for ourselves to judge. From our own vantage point, we may see a disparity. Maybe we give more. Or maybe we take more. That´s what we believe. And how does the other soul feel about it?

Depending on the background history and current inner processes, an action one-sidedly evaluated as “taking” may be seen in a completely different light. Perhaps for the other soul, one’s own giving is taking in a different sense, perhaps it makes one cheerful or happy, perhaps it has an inner healing effect and in this way allows a natural backflow to emerge.

If we perceive and appreciate these new, parallel possibilities of exchanging with each other, we can often bring balance into our world even in an apparent disbalance, as long as it happens in harmony with our heart.



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