Pardon me? A flawless life?

Someone who is fully satisfied with the status quo of personal development does not need any mistakes in his or her life. He or she prefers the most stable comfort zone possible. Then when mistakes happen, and they inevitably do, they usually get angry with themselves. Some even use curse words against themselves and think nothing of it.

Those who want to grow and heal like to make mistakes. They bring us to humility. They do good, in a peculiar way. They take us back to ourselves a great deal. Now, let’s not fall into the funeral march at this point! Instead of self-flagellation and self-abandonment, we better reflect on how it came to this. What were the causes?

In this way, we learn from every mistake, no matter how big or small, and on which scale we measure. Because: Are mistakes really always mistakes? After all, if we can learn and grow from them, wasn’t it more than sometimes good to make them?

When our consciousness is in the heart chakra, we can forgive ourselves for all the mistakes we have made. Mistakes are an important part of life.

Do we forgive our love partner’s mistakes?

There is still much to forgive between Yin and Yang (see: The unhealed conflict between Yin & Yang). It can also sometimes, or especially!, be the actually small things that we can’t let go of. An exaggerated remark in a quarrel can do a lot and even years later still cause tremendous damage in a relationship if it is not forgiven by the partner.

Mistakes are mistakes. We make them so that we can learn something. Many spiritually practicing couples come together for this very reason, because relationships can be the highest form of yoga, as a friend aptly noted the other day. They are a daily practice for faster growth, if we want to consciously use them for that.

If we are not allowed to make mistakes in a relationship, we cannot grow. And if we cannot forgive, we cannot love.

Forgiveness is an ancient inner healing technique of Yin. In our Yang dictatorship, which is now coming to an end thanks to the Aquarian Age, it has gone a bit out of fashion, but from my own experience I can say it works very well.

Forgiveness from the heart chakra

For deep forgiveness from the heart, I recommend first breathing “through the heart chakra” for a few breaths. (The linked video explains it in more detail). Then we visualize the memory, whether it was our own mistake or that of our partner.

We continue to breathe through the heart chakra… and let go of any emotional entanglements we have with this issue. We let go and forgive, ourselves or our partner.

To forgive does not mean that life will continue the same afterwards, then we would not have learned anything from the mistake. Sometimes more openness is agreed with each other, for example in the classic forgiveness after a one-time affair.

Sometimes new (dispute?) rules have to be established or old habits have to be changed. Sometimes reparations are agreed upon, for example a massage lasting several hours is a wonderful chance to let go and get closer together.

Let’s forgive ourselves and our partner, make our mistakes and learn together. Let’s allow ourselves to make mistakes. This requires a deep trust. If this is lacking, I recommend regularly experiencing SEH together. In meditative embrace we can forgive best.



Hi, I´m Nils, intuitive writer on topics like Yin & Yang, inner shadow work, higher dimensions, sacred sensuality, kundalini and energetic healing of our chakras and our astral or emotional body. Let LOVE be thy medicine. Let's learn together Heart Chakra Breathing, Healer & Creator and SEH. In my heart chakra breathing groups or in an intensive self-love retreat for singles or couples on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I can show you step by step how to better integrate your heart chakra into your daily life.