Musical forgiveness of Yang

Ajeet Kaur creates something remarkable with this song: “Kiss the earth (La Luna). Live in Amsterdam”.
She heals the wounds between Yin and Yang. And very specifically, she helps forgiving the Yang.

The men in the room were asked to sing part of the song alone, with love. The women were allowed to listen, with love. Later they join in, with a second level of singing. (How about some heart chakra breathing at the same time to intensify the experience? 😉 )

But this is exactly what is needed more and more in the next years. The Yang has messed up a lot. We have reached the end. Now we can all learn from the mistakes and find better ways with each other. But it needs forgiveness first. In myself. In yourself.

The more we can experience this, either in groups or on a very personal level with each other, the quicker and further we can go in this new era of aquarius.

As a side note, I am just discovering the other music tracks of Ajeet, listening to Peia Luzzi in between and marveling at my slowly growing whole new music collection in this direction. Do the lovers and festival-goers of this division have other artist tips for me, so that I can continue to discover?



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