Only LOVE can heal us.

How is a personality disorder diagnosed? Five of nine criteria must apply. I think that’s a very woolly and inaccurate idea of the multidimensional structures of our psyche. So someone could be conspicuous in three or four criteria, and nevertheless, this human being is not officially considered to have a personality disorder.

How do we evaluate perspectives?

From one side, it might look to someone like another person might have a personality disorder. What does this say about the personality of the rater? Maybe he or she is a very strict and severe thinking person, maybe with egoistic or even narcissistic tendencies, because the other person is evaluated according to inaccurate criteria and then cursed with a disease in speech and writing.

There is no provability on 3D level in the higher psychic dimensions, because they are non-material and all topics are always highly complex structures, they consist of innumerable perspectives. Which one is more correct, which one do we want to believe more, which one do we evaluate positively, which one negatively, and why?

Perspectives cannot be simply imposed on another person, whether by an amateur psychologist or a real specialist. For what makes us so sure that it is really as we believe? We are sure even though we use exceedingly imprecise criteria to “measure”?

Somehow, we all have our personality disorders. One more, the other less. The question for me is not, which human being is worse in his symptoms, I rather ask myself: What helps us out of the collective mess?

Only LOVE can heal us. ?

This phrase came to me yesterday, and since then I have been using it a bit like an inner mantra. I realize the deep truth in this simple phrase.

Then, when I breathe through my heart chakra and feel love, I also feel how all these perspectives, as complex and imprecise and chaotically different as they may be, are driven by two different poles: either by opposition, ego and/or detachment, or by love, empathy and/or integration.

I can feel this tendential direction in all my personal decisions and evaluations, and then always choose the path of love as best I can.

Then it is not a question of which person is sick, but then it is a question of how do we recover from our inner psychological disturbances, which the old world has bestowed upon us?



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