Chapter 4

4. Kofi and Lake Luminae

Ayana′s connection with Kofi felt special, yet complex. He was incredibly attentive and sweet to her, almost to the point of being overly protective. He saw her as a goddess and a precious treasure, and his love for her was real, she knew this.

She felt a whirl of emotions as she walked hand-in-hand with Kofi down the sun-speckled path. The intensity of his gaze, his eagerness to please her, and her own unease at his unwavering adoration stirred her. She was anxious and excited all at once. Ayana enjoyed their hikes, their conversations, and the feeling of being so deeply desired. But a part of her was still uncertain about him. Wasn’t he a few years too old for her? Not something she could tell by the way he moved, but still an undeniable reality. She had never felt so deeply connected to someone before, and it both enthralled and overwhelmed her. She wondered if he felt the same complexity of emotions that she did, or if it was simply love for him.

It wasn’t until they had reached the top of a hill that Ayana realised she had been lost in thought and hadn’t said a word to Kofi. She squeezed his hand in apology and smiled. He smiled back, his eyes twinkling with understanding.

“Ayana,” he said softly, his voice full of emotion, “Your presence is a blessing on Sanuela. I’m so glad we found each other.”

Ayana smiled, feeling a warmth spread through her body. She knew that Kofi was special, and she felt a deep connection to him.

“You are my blessing,” she replied, and they dearly embraced, lost in the moment. Ayana knew whatever happened between them, she could trust Kofi to always be there for her.

“Do you remember the day we met?” Ayana asked, bringing the inner images back into her mind. She had been playing her mbira, lost in her own little world, when Kofi had stumbled upon her. Kofi smiled, his eyes twinkling with fondness as he remembered.

“It was a sunny summer morning, and I had taken a walk. My uncle and I had just arrived in Luminae, hoping to start a new life here.” Kofi began. “I saw you, sitting alone on a tree trunk, playing your magical instrument. As soon as I heard your melody, I felt something special. I felt the warmth of your heart.”

Ayana laughed. “I remember that! You were so mesmerised by my music that you forgot to introduce yourself,” she said.

Kofi nodded and grinned sheepishly. “Yes, I guess I didn′t! But then again, I could hardly take my eyes off you,” he said with a playful smile.

Ayana smiled back at Kofi and squeezed his hand as they continued their journey down memory lane. They talked about their first conversations, their first little kiss and all the wonderful moments they had shared since then. Ayana realised how much her life had changed since she met Kofi – how much she had grown since then, too. She gazed into his eyes and felt thankful for every moment spent with him; thankful for his presence in her life.

“Do you remember what you said to me before we parted ways that day?” She asked softly, prompting Kofi to recall their very first goodbye – when he told her he would never forget her music and the way it made him feel inside.

Kofi chuckled and nodded fondly at the memory, pulling Ayana into an embrace as he kissed her forehead lightly before whispering:

“I love you so much”.

And there was the problem, staring into Ayana′s face. She loved him too, and yet she could not fully comprehend why she couldn’t find the words to say it back. He had given her so much, and she was forever grateful for his presence in her life. At the same time, she felt confused about what she wanted, and anxious of the unknown. She felt the warmth of his arms around her, and she knew that this love was so much bigger than their age difference. Ayana felt like she was standing on the edge of a cliff, not knowing what would come next.

“Kofi… I…,” she stammered, her voice trembling. She wanted desperately to tell him she felt the same way, but something held her back.

Kofi looked into her eyes and noticed her hesitation. He smiled tenderly and cradled her face in his hands, delicately wiping away a tear trickling down her cheek.

“It’s okay,” he said.

They continued walking down the sun-speckled path in silence, ruminating over their emotions. The soft, warm earth felt pleasant under their footsteps as they kept walking until they reached their destination – a secluded beach on the shores of Lake Luminae. The lake sparkled beneath the sky’s golden hue as small waves lapped against the shoreline. The lake looked just as it had years ago when Ayana used to come here for picnics with her father. The water was crystal-clear, and each pebble on the beach stood out like a jewel.

They found a cosy place to sit down, with their bodies close to another. Ayana liked being close with all of her friends, it didn’t matter whether it was her potential boyfriend or “just” a friend, female or male. When their bodies connected, she felt the loving flow of energies much stronger.

Ayana ran her slim fingers through the coarse grains of the beach, searching for the perfect pebbles. After she had found three pleasingly round-edged stones, she piled them carefully on top of each other. Kofi then joined her, selecting his own stones and piling them next to Ayana’s. She then added the last three to their collection, forming three small piles in a triangular formation. They both knew this was more than just a game; it was an ancient ritual to honour their beloved Goddess Sanuela, for whom 333 was a sacred number. The first three stones stood for love, healing, and growth, the next three represented body, mind, and soul. The last set of three were for past, present, and future. Three times three, the nine held them together, in love and balance. For them, this little ritual was a reminder of all that which is sacred, giving them hope that with the blessing of the goddess they would always be connected and protected.

Ayana breathed in deeply, taking in the multilayered scents of the lake and feeling its calming effect wash over her. She exhaled her worries, fears and confusion, yet still felt an inner turmoil. Kofi’s gentle embrace around her provided her with a sense of security she had not felt before. She almost allowed herself to surrender completely to it. If only she could find out why she didn’t allow herself to fully accept him. Was it doubt? Uncertainty? Anxiety?

Ayana knew there should only be joy and love inside of her – after all, Kofi was everything she wanted in a partner, and she yearned for the comfort and security a relationship could bring. He would offer all that. They could be happy together. But why did the thought of giving her heart completely to him feel so difficult?

Ayana shook her head, not sure what to say. “I’m so grateful for your patience and understanding, Kofi.” she began and paused, suddenly remembering her first meeting with Ignisia a few days ago. “I told you about Ignisia, right?” she asked.

“The butterfly?”

“Yes, a fire fairy butterfly, and a high spirit of the ancient. That is what I feel.”

“I trust your experiences, Ayana. I feel there is something very magical about you, and if you found a guide to help you figure out what this means, I believe it’s good.”

Ayana nodded, feeling her intuitive feelings flood through her, as they often did after her first encounter with Ignisia.

She felt the answers to many unspoken questions inside as she continued. “Right now, it feels like I need to go on a journey with her.”

“Is that something like a pilgrimage?” Kofi asked.

“More like an initiatory journey maybe, but yes, something like that. I feel Ignisia is calling me, and if I want to walk this path to becoming a priestess of Sanuela, I will need to follow it.

“I understand.”

“This won’t change anything between us, you know?”

He gave her a sweet smile. “I would never expect you to love me if your heart isn’t there, but I can tell you this – I’m here for you, no matter what you decide or how long it takes you to figure out what you want.”

Ayana smiled through her tears as relief flooded her body. She knew she could trust Kofi. She had no idea how long this journey would take or whether it would bring clarity. But Kofi’s support made her feel safe and strong in the face of uncertainty. The more she thought about it, the heavier the guilt weighed down on her again. Why was he so loving, so kind, so understanding?

Kofi placed a gentle kiss on Ayana’s forehead and instantly comforted her with his presence. He whispered softly in her ear, “You are not alone on this journey, I am here for you”.

Ayana’s body flooded with emotion at his words and she hugged Kofi tight in response. At that moment, spontaneously, and without hesitation or fear, she made a commitment to herself: no matter what would happen next along the way – she would not lose sight of what really mattered: love and trust between two souls who could help each other learn and grow together.

“Thank you,” she said.

The sun sunk slowly, casting its last rays across Lake Luminae before disappearing below the horizon. Ayana and Kofi watched in awe, their eyes feasting on the vibrant reds and oranges that blended together. Curled in each other’s arms, Ayana felt like nothing else mattered.

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2. Learning from Animals and Tree Beings

3. Mother Goddess Sanuela

4. Kofi and Lake Luminae

5. Finding the Mystical Caves

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