Chapter 2

2. Learning from Animals and Tree Beings

At a very young age, Ayana developed a special connection with the animals of Sanuela. She could feel their presence and energies around her, and often felt like they were speaking to her. She quickly discovered that she could communicate with them telepathically, and it was through this connection that she explored their mysterious and fascinating realms. Ayana had always known that she had this special ability, but it wasn’t until she regularly ventured alone into the forest that she truly began to understand the extent of it.

One of the first animals Ayana communicated with was a magnificent white, male deer. The deer had caught her eye while she was walking through the forest, and she had felt an immediate connection with him. As she approached, rather than running away, the deer watched her. She closed her eyes and reached out with her mind, and, to her surprise, the deer responded.

He was friendly and wise, and Ayana found herself engaging in feelings to understand what the deer felt and what came up in her mind when they connected like this. To always remind herself of this first inner contact in the woods, she took a small stone she found next to her feet. At home, she would use this stone, holding it to reconnect with the deer whenever she felt like it.

Over time and many inner meetings, she learned that deer are symbols of strength, beauty, and grace, often seen as messengers from another realm. The deer told her about the importance of living in harmony with nature and how vital the balance of the forest is for survival of all creatures who live there.

Ayana was captivated by the deer and the insights he shared with her. She spent many hours intuitively conversing and bonding with him, discovering his life in the forest and the struggles he faced. She learned about the various herbs and plants that the white deer depended on for food, and how he made use of his sharp sense of smell to detect danger. She also learned that the deer had a profound insight of the forest and its inhabitants, and that he was respected by all the other animals.

The telepathic bond that Ayana had with the deer was a unique and powerful experience for her. Often, she was capable of feeling the deer’s thoughts and emotions, feeling as if they were communicating in a language that only they comprehended. At times, the connection was strong and vivid, and Ayana felt as if she was an integral part of the deer’s world.

These encounters with the deer gave Ayana a deeper understanding of the forest’s equilibrium. She also realised that this connection was not limited to this deer, but she could communicate with other animals as well. This had opened up an entirely new world to her, and she felt a deep sense of connection and understanding with the beings of the forest.

Ayana was a curious and imaginative young woman who loved to explore the unseen world around her. She was both brave and open-minded, eager to experience any new adventure that came her way. She conversed inwardly with beetles, flies and squirrels, and even with a bear once, and each one gave her their own unique perspective on life in the forest. Ayana listened a lot and learned much.

As she discovered her ability to communicate telepathically with animals, she found that she had a special and deep connection with birds, as if they were kindred souls. As she walked through the forest, she would often pause to watch them fly overhead, feeling a sense of familiarity and understanding that she couldn’t quite explain.

Gazing at the birds gliding in the sky, she was overwhelmed by their freedom and joy, stirring an entrancing emotion within her. She began to muse on what it would be like to fly in unison with them. Through her deeper inner conversations with birds, Ayana learned about the importance of being present and in the moment. The birds taught her that life is meant to be lived fully and in the present, and that dwelling on the past or worrying about the future was a waste of precious time.

Ayana also learned about the importance of community and connection. Birds flew in flocks, and Ayana noticed that they were always looking out for one another. They taught Ayana about the importance of working together, and how strength comes from the collective. They communicated with each other telepathically too and were able to coordinate their actions with impressive precision.

Ayana’s bond with birds was not limited to her conversations with them. She was able to sense the presence of any specific bird, and she could sense its emotions. This heightened sense of awareness was an incredibly powerful tool when she was exploring the forest.

Ayana also adored the tree beings, and experienced wonderful moments in conversations with them. As she walked through the forest, she would often pause to touch and caress the bark of a tree being. When she felt a connection to the being before her, she would hold it or embrace it. She then felt the ancient knowledge they held, awed by their inner wisdom. She found it charming that they never had to move or journey anywhere – they simply stood still and meditated in bliss and in the present moment, always.

She learned from them the importance of strong roots to feel a deep sense of connection to Sanuela and stand tall and strong. Roots spread out in a network, reaching into the earth, growing like veins that connected to one another. When she started to see tree roots as a symbol of her life, she found her personal alignment in the deep connection with other loving souls. She felt her need for community and togetherness, but she also yearned for a closer relationship with someone who would fully understand and trust her, even when she wasn’t always sure how to trust herself. She knew this was an inner topic still needing work.

Her friend Amun sometimes went on long journeys with his father. Usually, he brought her something beautiful back, something personal that he had found, sometimes just a stone or a beautiful feather. When her craving for a more sensual connection with Kofi or Amun became too intense, and neither of them were around, she would sometimes go into the woods and ask a tree being if it wanted to be hugged. It felt to her like they mostly wanted her love and presence and were grateful about it. She would bring one of the feathers or a stone from Amun to the tree and show it to the being. It helped her to connect more deeply, feeling Amun as close as the tree was, while feeling and enjoying the beautiful flowing energies of the tree being. In some way, she found that very special.

Ayana found inspiration in the strength and endurance displayed by the tree beings around her. They taught her that true growth takes time, faith, and a lot of patience. They never give up, pushing through even in tough conditions.

As Ayana continued to explore her telepathic abilities and communicate with the animals and plants of the forest, she realised there was still something missing in her experience and knowledge. She understood that every being is also a higher dimensional being because we all have physical, energetic and mental bodies. But Ayana wasn’t yet able to speak directly to higher dimensional angels, fairies or elementals who didn’t show themselves in the realms of the third dimension.

Ayana had heard stories of people who could communicate with these higher dimensional beings, and she felt a longing to learn the same. She knew they had much to teach her – that they could help her to deepen her understanding of the world and her place in it. She searched for a teacher specialised in this area, but had only found those with basic knowledge so far. Through her own studies, though, she learned about different techniques for opening her mind and heart.

Meditating was of particular benefit to Ayana. She learned how to still her mind and focus her attention on the present moment and on breathing through her heart centre. Sometimes, she visualised and experienced a floating bubble of love and light surrounding her, radiating like a white sphere. The animals and tree beings in the woods seemed to love it when she meditated, and her bond with everything alive around her became stronger and clearer.

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Chapter 3: Mother Goddess Sanuela

Table of Contents

1. Choosing the Path

2. Learning from Animals and Tree Beings

3. Mother Goddess Sanuela

4. Kofi and Lake Luminae

5. Finding the Mystical Caves

6. Inside the Holy Womb of Sanuela

7. Opening and Expanding Love

8. On Her Own

9. Loving Ourselves

10. Walking Through Fear

11. Love Cultivation

12. The Longing and the Oneness

13. Embracing Her Love

14. Questions Answered

15. Becoming a Star and Other Worlds

16. The Welcoming Back

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