Chapter 3

3. Mother Goddess Sanuela

Ayana was taught from a young age about the loving planetary consciousness of Mother Goddess Sanuela. She learned that the planet, as a whole, was a living, conscious, and loving organism and wanted to be treated as such by her children, with care and kindness. The people of Sanuela were taught to treat humans, plants, animals, and the land itself with their highest respect and love, taking only what was necessary and giving back more than what was taken.

The teachings Ayana received in Sanuela’s learning circles showed her how Mother Goddess Sanuela was sharing parts of her vast consciousness with all her inhabitants. She emanates soul particles, forming together to bigger structures, until they perceived themselves as individual beings with an understanding of I AM. The people of Sanuela welcomed this partial separation from their goddess, but they also treasured the WE ARE, where they could recognise the interconnectedness of all beings and all loving consciousness.

Ayana discovered that the condensed planetary consciousness was not only limited to the physical realm, but was also extended to the spiritual and emotional realms. She was taught that by developing a connection to the loving energies of the universe, she could become more aware of her innermost thoughts and feelings, and how they were influencing her life on Sanuela. By learning to honour and respect the energies of the universe, Ayana could create a life as she desired. She progressively learned and was shown how to guide her inner energies and feelings in the directions that she wanted to grow. When her heart was wide open, her personal universe would then create all the necessary situations for her next steps of growth.

For this to work in a non-egocentric, giving, and interconnected way, she needed to connect with her heart, as well as to deeply and lovingly feel connected with something much larger than herself so that she could remain humble and recognise her place in the universe of all beings.

On the other hand, Mother Goddess Sanuela revealed to the inhabitants of her planet about the power of love and consciousness, which can be used to reach tremendous potential. Whether it is to become a star, planet, or even a sun, humans have the capability to develop an entirely new type of entity.

There was an understanding everyone on Sanuela shared: the planets were gods to the people, each one with its own unique personality, frequency, and strength. Everyone on Sanuela had a special relationship with them; they saw the planets as vast forms of condensed consciousness and understood that, long ago, they may have been humans on a planet just like Sanuela. Grown so wise, so powerful, so balanced in themselves, and so full of over bursting love, they had transcended physical form – taking on the form of their home planet and becoming a goddess or a god themselves. Because of this understanding, it felt natural for everyone to see their goddesses and gods as living beings to interact and communicate with directly.

The people of Sanuela sought to remain connected to the divine energies of the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moons by offering love prayers, rituals, and symbolic gifts in homage to their gods. They also held festivals in honour of these celestial beings, knowing that gatherings of love and connection would bring more peace and harmony into their lives. In loving reverence, they even named their days of the moon after the gods, just like people from other planets had done.

For Ayana, connecting to the energies of Sanuela was an everyday experience. Her whole being was physically interconnected with her, every single day of her life. Ayana’s clothing, food, the shelter she lived in, all of her belongings, even her body, were composed of tiny goddess particles, made from the condensed spores of Sanuela’s loving and ever-giving consciousness. Every day she stood and walked and sat on what she knew to be the holy grounds of her home planet. How could Ayana not love it?

Ayana saw so many other souls wandering down paths that made them feel more detached and alone than ever before. She pitied those who could not see beyond their perspective, or not sense the compassionate interconnectedness among all beings in the universe.

Ayana’s biggest learnings from her inner growth journey were that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves; we are part of a planetary consciousness with unconditional love at its core, and on our path towards becoming planetary consciousness ourselves. This understanding inspired her towards acts of kindness towards others and nature. Whenever possible, she made sure to propagate love and joy throughout her world.

Ayana was mesmerised by the power of love and its cosmic connections, and she began to explore what was beyond our physical realm. She felt a deep love for all living organisms, both the smaller ones and the much larger ones, like Sanuela and other planets. From the perspective of the highest realms, they all floated in their own centre point of nonduality beyond time and space, held in place by the orgasmic energies of our rotating multiverses.

Every day, Ayana discovered more about the beauty and complexity of the universe we are all connected to – from the surrounding microorganisms to the stars in galaxies light-years away. The love within Ayana became a raging fire, guiding her out of her egocentrism. With her newfound understanding, she realised that humans were not disconnected from one another or from the world around them; rather, they formed part of a vast energetic system – interconnected and deeply intertwined with each other. Ayana often felt humbled by her insignificance in relation to this immense universe. At the same time, she was overwhelmed by how powerful she could become when she fully integrated with her deepest inner love core, realising that she was her own complete universe experiencing itself.

Ayana’s gratitude for life grew with every new discovery she made about the unconditional loving energy threading through it all, connecting her heart not only with Sanuela, but also beings beyond its boundaries and physical realms. In moments of uncertainty or fear, she could always find solace in this cosmic love, the reassurance that nothing could break this connection – it would always be there.

Sharing these experiences with others became natural for Ayana. She discussed with friends and family how deeply interwoven their planet was with something larger than itself. She described how a greater consciousness connected them all, regardless of time and their physical locations.

Ayana’s friends had mixed reactions to her profound understanding of the underlying consciousness and cosmic love. While some resonated with her, others were fearful of her wisdom; it challenged some of the beliefs they had held on to for so long. Undeterred, Ayana continued on her journey, learning more and more about the love that was the essence of her universe.

Most of her insights about the connecting love of Mother Goddess Sanuela, the cosmos and her heart centre came to her after a special incident that happened one evening, when she was still a teenage girl. She was travelling with her family through the woods, settling into their campsite for the night. Ayana felt a calling to follow a path leading away from the forest clearing. The urge was strong, calling to her, whispering for her. Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and entered the dense woods.

She was travelling with her family through the woods, when she felt a calling to follow a path leading away from their campsite in a forest clearing, where her family was starting to settle in for the night. The urge was strong, calling to her, whispering for her to take the left path. She glanced back. Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and entered the dense woods.

The path was narrow, winding, and steep, its foliage scratching and tugging at her clothes. Ayana trudged forward, following the path further and further away from the camp. As she continued, her feet and knees began to ache, but still, the urge drove her on. She had to keep going. Then, the path opened up, and Ayana found herself standing on a large plateau that overlooked a deep valley below. In the growing darkness, she suddenly spotted a faint flicker of light in the distance. Intrigued, she followed it – climbing down a hill, taking some turns – and when she couldn’t see the light through the foliage of the forest, she trusted her intuition to guide her. As she continued her hike, anticipation filled her. What would she find?

All of a sudden, Ayana stood in awe, noticing the entrance to a cave appearing like a mirage in front of her. Instantly, she was filled with curiosity and excitement. She stepped forward and into the cool opening, with a peculiar glimmering light emanating from the stone walls. She had found what she was meant to, the Mystical Caves of Sanuela. Instantly, she recalled all the ancient stories, legends, and prophecies linked with this sacred site, which had been revered for generations, and was said to contain great power connected to the Mother Goddess Sanuela.

The moment she stepped into this place, a deep sense of peace and tranquillity washed over her body. Ayana felt like she was home, almost as if the ancient stone walls were speaking directly to her soul. She knelt upon the earthy ground close to the cave opening, and she closed her eyes to focus her mind in contemplation, asking her inner voice for guidance on what was to come in her life.

As Ayana delved deeper inside herself, visions of the divine feminine energy began flooding her consciousness. Sanuela’s powerful love embraced her with unconditional acceptance. Tears streamed freely down her cheeks when she sensed the connection with the Goddess, knowing one day she would return to explore the caves further. This inner realisation dawned on her intuitively. There was a part of herself buried deep inside that she didn’t quite understand, and she had never quite been able to put into words. She didn’t know and couldn’t comprehend if this was like a distant dream memory or if it was just the way she remembered her inner prophecy to return to the Mystical Caves one day and find out more.

As she descended back into reality, slowly finding her way back to her family’s camp, she continuously recited an inner prayer that she had intuitively found at the entrance of the caves: “Thank you, Goddess Sanuela, for guiding me on my journey – may I continue to be devoted to your cause and always feel your loving embrace.”

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Table of Contents

1. Choosing the Path

2. Learning from Animals and Tree Beings

3. Mother Goddess Sanuela

4. Kofi and Lake Luminae

5. Finding the Mystical Caves

6. Inside the Holy Womb of Sanuela

7. Opening and Expanding Love

8. On Her Own

9. Loving Ourselves

10. Walking Through Fear

11. Love Cultivation

12. The Longing and the Oneness

13. Embracing Her Love

14. Questions Answered

15. Becoming a Star and Other Worlds

16. The Welcoming Back

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