Fasting Together: Harmonising Hearts in the Light

Online group for emotional detox, letting go and acceptance

  • Fasting together once a week: choose a day for yourself and decide whether you want to fast with fruits or only with water and herbal teas. We can share our experiences, difficulties and emotional cleansing processes together.
  • Sharing in a protected space: Every active participant in our telegram group can write something or speak a message on the selected and weekly changing healing and growth topics – honestly and from the heart.
  • Don’t be afraid of shadow themes: Through open, loving sharing we let go and accept. A deeply healing process that transforms our personal universe.
  • Connectedness: As we perceive the contributions of others, we breathe through our heart chakra. Love is the connecting element to link our consciousness across space and time. Group consciousness gives energetic power for our inner growth processes.

Your heart, your choice

Decide the right amount to give from within.

Your personal motives

Whether for physical or energetic health, for more light, inner self-acceptance, more openness or more awareness: Together we can more easily build healthy routines and support ourselves in our energetic and emotional processes.

Holding ourselves. Personally, I would like to prepare myself step by step for the process of becoming a breatharian. Your goals can be different. The loving cohesion in the group and in our consciousness will help everyone.

Your personal time investment

Experience the group the way you want to and can. There is no need to comment on each other’s contributions. With emoticons we can show our participation and empathy.

Are you in?

Please get in touch via Telegram or Whatsapp:

+491738532668 (