Online Workshop for Singles (4 weeks)

More love in life: How to energetically attract your partner
(with Heart Chakra Breathing, Healer & Creator and SEH)

Are you single and want to love more? Dwell more in your heart chakra and manifest a suitable life or love partner into your life?

Then let´s fall in love! First each and everyone in him- or herself, and then also in the feeling to have already found our future partner – exactly so we attract him or her then also into our life.

Let’s harmonize and intensify our energetic heart field and become a soul magnet.

To participate, you’ll need about 5-20 minutes of practice time per day, plus reading and writing time in our closed online workshop group, as much as you’d like at any given time.

There are no attendance times, live appointments, or any stress. We do it slowly, step by step, and as it suits you. But continously, every day.

We share with each other in the protected circle of the closed group, share our experiences, give and receive tips. This way we can all learn from each other.

  • We learn what makes us, we sharpen our personal self-vision and strengthen our self-love.
  • We learn what kind of soul we want to attract into our (love) life and what we want to learn from them.
  • Together we learn Healer & Creator, an energetic healing technique for harmonizing and strengthening our chakras and aura.
  • We will learn and practise the H&C heart magnet application.
  • At the weekly group meditation, we connect and increase our heart energy together!

Duration: 4 weeks
Start: April 2022

Investment & energy compensation: Please give an amount between 77 and 55 EUR according to income & lifestyle.

Hello, I’m Nils, currently single. I’m doing the workshop for and with you, visualizing just like you.

I am heart chakra coach and an intuitive writer, ask questions and then get answers while writing, a combination of new insights and the so called “Old Knowledge” (millennia old nature spirituality). This is also how SEH came into being.

Would you like to join my online workshop for singles?
Or do you have any questions?

Then please send me a short message!