Online Workshop for Couples

More closeness and depth in your love relationship

Online workshop for couples, with exercises and group experience (6 weeks)

  • Do you have relationship problems and is your closeness and sensuality suffering?
  • Or, would you like to break out of monotony and old negative routines and habits?
  • Do you feel your love for each other somewhere, but you don’t know how best to share it?
  • Would you like to learn to communicate more honestly and lovingly with each other?

If you answer yes to just one of these questions, this six-week online workshop is just right for you.

From theory into practice

The theory of SEH is easy to learn, I describe it in my audio book which you can listen to for free on YouTube.

Getting into practice is something completely different. This requires continuity, motivation and sharing.

In my online workshop, I invite you as a couple to practice for 10-15 minutes a day with each other, going deeper step by step.

The group feeling and daily new motivations will help you establish a new good habit with each other that you can maintain after the workshop.

Each couple practices in their own time

There are no attendance times, live appointments or any stress. We do it step by step, as it fits best for you individually.

We exchange ideas with each other in the protected space of the closed group, share our experiences, give and receive tips and impulses. This way we can all learn from each other.

In the weekly group meditation you can meditate from home in silence, each couple in their own time, but inside we are all connected. Let’s feel the group WE together!

P.S. If you would prefer to combine your learning and experience with a week or two of vacation in Tenerife, please write to me.

Start: April 2022

Duration: 6 weeks

Your Investment: Please give together as a couple according to
your income & lifestyle an amount between 88 and 66 EUR.

Hi, I’m Nils and I have always had relationship problems. But I always see it as a chance to grow, in myself and with each other. SEH helps me in my personal relationships, even with only five minutes of time.

I am heart chakra coach and an intuitive writer. I ask questions and then get answers while writing, a combination of new insights and the so-called “Old Knowledge” (millennia-old natural spirituality). This is also how SEH came into being.

Would you like to join my
online workshop for couples?

Or do you have questions?

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