Healing Frequencies of Experienced Loving Closeness

When even a major television company produces a whole series on eye gazing (SBS: Look Me In the Eye), suggesting a certain inner healing effect when two souls honestly and openly look into each other’s eyes for some minutes, then it’s worth to look into this, right?

How do you feel when you look into someone’s eyes who is filled with love?

If you are open to the frequencies, you feel loved within yourself, as a pure reflection that the eyes in front of you are able to gift you with. By connecting to the other, we connect to ourselves, because we are each other’s mirrors.

For all recordings, I ask to continously breathe through the heart chakra. The frequencies of love are shining like a bright light in this moment, and I believe sensitive human souls can feel this.

The feelings of comfort, closeness, and togetherness that come with another human’s pair of loving eyes strengthens our aura.

In my latest book, High Priestess of Sanuela, eye gazing is an important healing method for the High Priestesses, who deeply connect with their guests to highten and enlargen their horizon and frequencies of love.

In many of our ancient cultures, eye gazing has been known for its many inner healing properties. After closing ourselves to this old wisdom of our ancestors, we now slowly rediscover and treasure it.

When we engage in eye gazing and we surrender to the emotions and sensations that arise we start to move our energy up our vertical power current and clear our chakras as the limiting and fear based beliefs we held are challenged by the deep loving contact. If we open up all the way through our crown then we may pop into a state of ecstasy or bliss.

newbuddhist.com / Will Johnson from his book: “Rumi – Gazing at the beloved”

Again, no recording of an eye gazing can be quite as fulfillingly felt as in the direct closeness with another human soul. The two astral auras communicate during the gathering, which is why it is good to sit very close. Then, you can both bathe in the astral frequencies of the other soul and enjoy the pleasant moment together.

In the higher dimensions, you will produce a strong love energy field together that may not be achievable by looking at a screen in front of you.

But when both the initiator of a heart chakra breathing recording and also you as the viewer imagine breathing through your heart centres, you can easily connect to your self-love on a deep level.

And in some way, you both do this at the same time, in the Eternal Now.

Many miracles of spontaneous heart openings can happen when you spend this sacred time together with another loving soul.

Each recording comes from a high frequency state of love.

(The first videos will be available soon.)