My book Ayana, My Light and My Love (the sequel to: High Priestess of Sanuela), focuses on heart-opening, sacred sensuality, hugging meditations, and the daily life of a High Priestess in the magical lands of Sanuela.

I know how many people struggle with habitual physical cravings and want to let go. Since I was able to work myself through them and helped others with it, I came to learn some paths to take. I am also aware of how much self-love and heart-opening it takes for the “thorns of craving” to disappear.

Life becomes free and high vibrational without the “thorns” ! 🙂

Would you like to overcome cravings for alcohol, sugar, white carbohydrates, fried foods or other unhealthy and low-vibrational substances? I am offering my personal assistance on a donation basis or through other forms of exchange.

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Have fun reading and please only take what you like as inspiration, truth is always multidimensional.

Thorns of Craving

Excerpt from Ayana, My Light and My Love

At times, Ayana would meet souls who had lost their way, weighed down by the pain of loss, being tired of life, often stuck in the wheels of physical cravings for certain foods or substances. Some­times, only their thorns of craving kept them going.

The thorns of craving, as the souls of Sanuela called it, were low vibrational astral entities that clung to those with strong physical needs. These higher dimensional yet lower vibrational beings feed them­selves energetically from a soul’s astral body. It was in their best interest to keep the host soul occupied with cravings, and physical temptations were the most effective way to do so.

The thorns were deeply hooked into the astral bodies of their hosts, establishing a strong bond to their egos. The host’s ego was effectively their astral energy generator and also protector, ensuring the survival of these beings. The strong hook and carefully placed boundaries of sensitivities meant that even the slightest mention of dependency would often make the physically tempted souls angry at those offering help.

Ayana’s loving hugs and offerings in heart-opening ceremonies of closeness blessed and healed many emotional and astral wounds. The direct presence of her light and love was often enough to let go of a soul’s unhealthy habits. The thorns of craving couldn’t remain for long within her sphere. The ego of their hosts then created situations and reactions that led to a rapid departure, simply to not be around the energies of Ayana for too long.

The thorns felt pain in her light, so they revolted against her. Some got angry at Ayana for no apparent reason, came up with peculiar ideas and interpretations, or made insulting or disrespectful comments. They were trying to prove to themselves that the continuation of their way of life was the only way to remain in control.

Ayana knew that it wasn’t the souls speaking from their hearts, but only their thorns of craving trying to hold on; defending the host’s ego, no matter the price they or other souls had to pay. They were afraid of losing their astral food provider. Ayana never took these strongly reacting behaviours per­sonally. She knew that these were just the thorns speaking, not the souls she was trying to help. Yet, she also knew then that she was not the right one to help someone make appropriate changes if they were not ready for it.

Some souls required more detailed attention in the physical and emotional realms before they were ready to work with Ayana, so she would send them to Alistair Rosevale, Liberator of Temptational Bonds from Altaris. He was not only a helpful guide for stabilising the remaining family and friends after someone had passed over to the astral realms, but he would also help relieve them from the emotional bonds of toxic relationships. How­ever, his best time he always gave to those with physically induced cravings for certain substances that in the past were cheaply available all over Sanuela.

In recent years, this had changed drastically. During and after the Great Change, most of the flavourful, yet physically addictive substances were banned from local markets. Information was freely available on how to get through the transitional period until non-craving bacteria colonies had settled in.

In a short period, the number of tempted souls on Sanuela greatly declined, though some were reluc­tant to leave their old habits and patterns – such as consuming specific foods or substances. Alistair was just the guide they needed then – with empathy and patience, he could understand their struggles and help them explore a new path to­wards liberation. Ayana had sent many such souls his way, and each one returned with newfound freedom and joy.

Once some souls found their way to Alistair and were ready to take the steps of change, he would first share knowledge and help on how to fully renew the colonies of beneficial bacteria in their guts until all cravings had vanished.

At the same time, he guided them through emotional healing processes, helping them to understand the root causes of their cravings and working with them to overcome any underlying issues. His approach was gentle and intuitive, yet firm. He never judged or criticised his guests for their struggles, nor for the times they fell back into old behavioural patterns; he knew all too well how clingy the thorns of craving could be before they finally abandoned their hosts.

For those already taking the first steps to freedom and still struggling with their temptations, Alistair had a supplementary approach. He would bring them into a trance-like state and take them on a journey through their past, aiding them in under­standing and releasing their cravings’ roots. He guided them towards healing and forgiveness by listening to their stories while they released any emerging emotions.

Alistair always worked on self-love with these souls to keep them balanced. The more seriously inwardly wounded, he often sent to Ayana, to help open their hearts and strengthen their self-respect. In this way of interconnected exchange, integrating all aiding services, the souls of Sanuela always received a wholistic and multidimensional care.

Some time later, when most low vibrational astral entities had departed from a soul, they felt much better and lighter in their lives, often filled with emotional freedom and a deeply fulfilling self-love.