A spiritual retreat with Nils

A guided inner journey, exploring heart-opening, inner healing and growth

To get to know each other, we could begin with an eye-to-eye meditation. We just sit close, gazing into each other’s eyes, and imagine breathing through our heart chakras.

Love in… love out….

That’s all, and yet this experience can be so powerful, helping us to open our socially imprinted and often so carefully guarded grand portals of our inner (self-) love.

How deep do you love yourself? Do you want to love more?

Do you want to forgive and be forgiven?

You can learn to open yourself to more love in whatever way you choose, such as by heart chakra breathing – I’ll keep reminding you.

Depending on how you feel, you can experience the opening of your heart chakra either completely touchless, or, if it feels comfortable for both of us, by experiencing SEH (hugging meditations) or any other activity that we both like to share.

So, the retreat experience also includes a mini-workshop on How to express my needs and my boundaries?, and we can discuss and develop them every day during your stay.

Living with a continuous flow of inner love means living in a higher frequency. Your heart is capable of feeling your sacred love much deeper than you can imagine.

Once you safely open and widen it, you can keep it open or adjust as you wish, fitting to your future experiences in life.

Whatever you feel, you do not need to fall in love with me.

I am nobody. I am your placeholder for your mirroring inner feeling of love. You can connect with that love inside of you, without having to project it out on me. You can love the whole world with this love, if you allow yourself to feel this kind of openness, wideness and intensity. How much love would you allow yourself to feel?

Meanwhile, we can…

  • cook and eat healthy food together while improving some eating habits if you want to,
  • give and receive gong baths (morning and evening, if you like),
  • do energetic exercises for chakra healing, like Healer & Creator,
  • exchange guided rapid breathing sessions (one watching and caring for the other),
  • intuitively draw tarot and oracle cards to answer our questions,
  • connect with our spirit guides,
  • engage in a massage exchange,
  • take a walk in the beautiful surrounding nature, for example, through a lava field near the sea, or a mountain trail,
  • work on specific topics together that need clarification, forgiveness, inner healing or letting go: inwardly, verbally, through writing or art,
  • talk and explore spirituality and inner growth in any direction we feel intuitively drawn to.

Anything that arises during your retreat time will be of importance, as we will embark on an inner shamanic ceremony from the very first moment until the last. In this sacred space, look for synchronicities and follow the signs, while remaining deeply rooted in your heart chakra.

You will have your own private, sacred space in a separate apartment with its own bathroom. Around it, you can spend quality time in the shared, cosy living area with a chill-out zone, garden, terrace, and rest areas, located in the south of the Tenerife Island. It is a very peaceful place in nature that allows you to go deeper into your inner journey. The amazing ocean views bring calmness and harmony to your hearts and invite you to open more and more to feeling you inner centre of love.

I will accompany and guide you throughout the process, so you have a solid foundation to work with and enough time to be with yourself, integrating your inner journey at your own pace.

Do you have any questions?

Let’s meet for a video call to see if we could work on your self-love together!

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