A Course in Love and Miracles

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Some stories may be fantastical and imaginary, playing in different worlds than ours. But what if we connect the story to our personal life so that we can radiate and share more love and light with one another?

In this ongoing online course, you can join Ayana as she takes you through the stages of her sacred journey in the Mystical Caves. Embark on self-initiated sessions for forgiveness and healing, free yourself from the old burdens, and learn to love yourself in new ways. 

As we follow the story of Ayana, High Priestess of Sanuela, we will learn practical ways to expand our self-love and open our hearts to others in comfortable and empowering ways.

Enjoy these practical daily exercises:

Day 1: Experiencing Miracles & Heart Chakra Breathing

Day 2: A Mindful Walk

Day 3: Standing on Gaia

Day 4: A Story of Love and Growth

Day 5: The Whispering Wind

Day 6: My Light and My Love

Day 7: An Honest Embrace

Day 8: Your Spirit Guides

Day 9: You Are Chosen

Day 10: The Inner Critic

Day 11: Your Choices

Day 12: Two Questions

Day 13: Walking Through Fears

Day 14: Our Inner Prophecy

Day 15: Releasing Emotions

Day 16: Following Our Path


Day 33: I AM

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Find Your Sacred Sensuality (for Couples)

An intuitively guided course for couples who wish to explore new ways of caring and loving.

Isadora and Leandro attend Lana Lightweaver’s sacred sensuality course in the magical lands of Sanuela, an exploration of their intimacy that leads to newfound appreciation and enhances their honesty and love with one another.

Through experiencing breathing, touching, and energy-sharing, they learn to open up and make a promise to keep growing and loving. An unforgettable journey awaits them as they discover a love, longing, and hidden levels of pleasure that were previously unknown to them.

As they touch each other with gentleness and true caring, their bodies hum and tingle with love. By the end of the course, their mutual flower of connection, love, and arousal is multiplied and keeps growing and blossoming more and more.

Download and read the short story / book chapter (for free)

This is the story I’m writing about Lana Lightweaver. But you as a couple might have different “real life” needs, wishes and challenges. Let’s talk and find out!

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It will start whenever you feel ready.

Thorns of Craving

If you need personal assistance in overcoming cravings for alcohol, sugar, white carbohydrates, fried foods or other unhealthy and low-vibrational substances (which the “thorns” just love so much), I am offering my personal assistance on a donation basis or through other forms of exchange.

If you are interested, please send me an email or a message via WA or Telegram:

+49 173 8532668