Harmonising Hearts

Unlocking Emotional Healing:

Safe Sharing & Heart Chakra Breathing

A sacred online circle for safely sharing your stories and emotions, for being vulnerable and lovingly connected to others.

When you activate your heart chakra through your breath, you can nurture your connection to your sacred inner self, feeling more love, understanding, and acceptance.

By sharing in a small circle of like-minded souls in an atmosphere of healing and love, we can feel connected and supported. This is a powerful experience to honour our stories, releasing stagnant energies and old patterns.

Weekly changing themes!

Embrace your authentic self and be seen for the beautiful soul you are. ?

Join our online circle experience where you can be yourself, feel safe and accepted, and safely share your stories and emotions.

Next: Sunday, 12.03.2023

Join our online event live! Please note that there will be no recording available.

GMT / UTC: 16:00 (London, Lisbon, Dublin)

CET: 17:00 (Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome)

EST: 11:00 AM (New York, Toronto, Miami)

PST: 8:00 AM (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver)

Theme of the first week:

Shame. Letting go feelings of shame and accepting oneself

Only 12 tickets available for an intimate event where everyone will have time to share.

Pay what you want to give: get a ticket for 8, 12, or 16 EUR (additional ticket fees apply)

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