Healing Frequencies of Experienced Loving Closeness

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response; a term used to describe a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli. These sensations are said to spread across the skull or down the back of the neck and, for some, down the spine or limbs. When experiencing ASMR sensations, some people report pleasant feelings of relaxation, calm, sleepiness or well-being.

Nebraska Medicine

What the old medical world still often fails to comprehend is that loving, caring words, as well as breathing and mouth sounds, can already have wonderful emotional and astral-energetical healing effects on us.

The feelings of comfort, closeness, and togetherness that come with the sounds of another loving human strengthens our aura.

ASMR videos and audios have been around for many years. I produced some myself, while “coincidentally” already exploring the mystical world of Sanuela with a few first story explorations with whispered voices. (Only in German: Sanuela 1: Phantasiereise mit Entspannungsmusik)

Although the topics were quite different from my current writings about the High Priestess of Sanuela, a world was born to explain and experience new ways of inner healing.

From the hypnotherapeutic point of view, visualised and inwardly felt closeness to another human body can achieve similar effects as the actual experience of closeness in the physical world.

Of course, the chakra harmonisation that happens automatically while hugging another soul can only be experienced when another body is physically close and both souls breathe through their heart chakras.

Yet, if the recording of a human’s breathing is done from the centre of love consciousness, its strong feeling of love, care, and inner harmony can easily be transmitted through sound.

Each recording comes from a high frequency state of love.

(The first videos will be available soon.)