A Reward and a Possibility

Ideally, our Sensual Energetic Healing Retreat should have the same meaning to you than to us: A reward and a possibility. Let me explain.

A reward, because this is an amazing experience that most of us cannot make many times in our life. Or when was the last time, you were able to deeply bond with two completely new people in your life: physically, energetically and also on a soul level?

If this works out and we are all able to completely open ourselves for each other, without restraints, suppressions and false masks… then we also get the possibility to fire up the rockets to become true angels! πŸ™‚

Letting go of old fears and pressures, and embracing the sacred upwards movement of our natural energies, we can truly experience a deeper state of consciousness and love together.

A beautiful time, no one of us will ever forget. An experience that gives us the strength to continue on our paths, with more energy, more passion and more knowledge of ourselves.

And we can only go with the promise that we will all make to each other on this healing retreat: The promise, that we will truly accept and love ourselves every day a little bit more.