Keeping the balance with two couples

With just three people at the retreat, there are always three seperate relationships that need to be balanced, especially during the Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies (or: Angel Times).

With four people, this amount doubles: Now, there are six different relationships that we will all need to take good care of!

Furthermore, each one of us will bring into the group a different balance of internal yin and yang energies, because we all carry both parts within ourselves.

Especially the relationships of the two “non-couples” (meaning, the male and the female that are not in a relationship with each other) are highly significant, because in this new, switched around couple constellation, the second person in each pair becomes something like a placeholder for the real life partner.

This can be used for deep energetic healing work! Because any type of energy exchange between the two non-couples will also influence (and possibly heal) the relationships of the two real couples.

How we work with jelousy

The female (yin) always balances the male (yang), and vice versa, if the two non-couples are able to open up for each other.

This will generate a completely different balance between our own internal yin and yang parts, because there are so many fixed patterns in an already established relationship, with which we don’t have to deal with, when we become close with another person of the opposite sex.

And that is really the main reason, why people have affairs, even though they might have a stable relationship – on a deeper level, everyone is just trying to find their own inner yin and yang balance.

For the energetic placeholder healing to work well, the couple should try not to have greater reservations about any type of touching and caressing between the two non-couples.

In the beginning, this can sometimes bring up jelousy in one or both partners.

We will respect and honour these upcoming feelings, and then we will try to actively work with them, in order to transform all harmful feelings into a much greater awareness of love.

Jelousy is a powerful manifestation of energy and sometimes it can become a full treasure chest of raw, energetic power – that can be beautifully used for inner healing work!

Being there for each other

If someone brings emotionally highly charged relationship problems into the Angel Times, we will try our best to not give any advice. We are not the coaches here and this is not a place for traditional therapy. Our healing powers for each other mainly come from love, energy and connection.

We will just be there, holding each other, caring for each other and giving stability, trust and love. If the couple wants to use this secure ambience to discuss things between themselves, it is okay to do so. But it can also be good just to feel and focus on the unity with each other.

In many cases, this can really be the best healing. When the couple can manage to relax with the emotional problem, then the combined group love and care for each other can cleanse and remove all obstacles and blockages. New possibilities and perspectives will arise from this deep feeling of inner connectedness!

Let’s talk about sex

Many couples have not yet been able to freely and honestly express their sensual and sexual desires and interests with each other, even though they might have been together already for many years. During our retreat time, especially in our healing ceremonies, we can give you an energetically secured space to do so.

This can greatly enhance the pleasure with and the love for each other in our relationships – and might just change our lives forever. 🙂