Can I come to your “Sensual Energetic Healing” retreat when I am in a relationship?

We designed our personal retreat experience for singles and couples. But, it might also work for you, if you are in a relationship and you want to come on your own. There are a few things that we should clarify, though.

During the retreat, Mina and I will be very close to you. This typically includes also physical closeness with lots of caressing, and there is the possibility that this will happen also half naked or even fully naked if you want to experience pure inner and outer freedom and love with us.

We want to open our hearts to you and include you into our love and closeness with each other.

We are able to do this, because we have a very honest and deep relationship and we will always both be present during the Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies. So, whatever we experience with you, we do this together, and there is no need for us to hide or hold anything back from each other.

You might want to check, if this is also true for you. Will you be able to open yourself up to us completely? Where do you set your boundaries and why? What understanding of this does your partner have?

Our personal healing philosophy includes sensual and sexual touching, because we believe that all of us are in some need of sexual healing. Also, there is no greater force in human beings than the sex drive. So, our goal is to use and possibly transform this very powerful energy in order to heal and grow better and faster.

This doesn’t mean that we will all have wild sex with each other. But, how exactly do you define sex? For some people, touching and arousing is already “having sex”, for others it is some kind of foreplay. How about kissing?

And how would you or your partner feel, if you are getting a loving and caring yoni or lingam massage from us? This tantric form of genital massage can be an extraordinary deep healing experience. And sometimes it can lead to fantastic orgasms, as well.

Is your partner okay with this, will he or she maybe even find it interesting, if you have this kind of deep experience with us? Will you be able to integrate the newly gained knowledge and experience into your relationship, so that you will love each other even more, on a much deeper level than before?

For sure, you should have a very honest talk with your partner, think about it, explore your inner feelings and sleep over it a couple of nights… and then you are ready to make a good decision from inside your heart if you are ready for our Sensual Energetic Healing retreat. 🙂