We Need Closeness and Affection

We all need regular physical closeness and loving touches to really feel “whole”. Our physiology is laid out this way.

Anyone, who has tried to live without any closeness to other human beings for a longer period of time is probably either regularly craving for it a lot (something is “missing”), or may develop previously unimaginable side effects from those perfectly repressed longings: frequent mood swings, utter coldness and insensitivity or perhaps even sadness or anger.

If we know this so well, then why do we in our “oh-so-modern” society make such a big tuhwahu about physical contacts with other people?

Depending on how close you want the other person to approach you, you shake his or her hand while greeting and saying goodbye. If you know someone better, you might stretch your other arm and touch the person slightly on the shoulder or on the hip.

And if you like someone, or even if you just know him or her really well, then you’ll hug the person! You do that because you trust the other person in that moment, because you want to give something personal from yourself, and of course, because it just feels damn good!

You can find many different ways of hugging. It is sometimes amusing to observe how other people hug each other: In one couple constellation the pelvises of both people are kept away as far as possible from each other – not even to think of the possibility that we could share any erotic or sexual behaviour with each other!

And then there are people who we really love to cling to, cherish them, wanting to feel the warmth of the other body, breath together … Yes, don’t we also need those moments.

That’s why there are so many one- and two-night stands today – which is not intended to be a judgement, for a while I knew how to use them myself, as a very important source of healing for me.

But there are other ways to get physical (and energetic!) closeness. Maybe that’s why we like to go to esoteric fairs and lectures or to yoga classes (without of course ever wishing to admit it). Because there, you can always hug other people so beautifully.

Everyone has developed their strategies for getting those hugs. That is not meant to be judgmental, either. We are just “built” this way, that we crave for physical closeness with each other, so that we actually exchange loving touches!

The almost magical attraction of some other person is not something we need to push away from us, either. We can actively and consciously use the power of this fundamental law of nature – to give and receive more love in our lives.

When was the last time you hugged a person tightly (without stretched-away pelvis!)? And you just felt great?

We could get used to approaching our embrace with all other people in our personal environment a bit more intensively in the future. Just keep it a few seconds longer than usual or bring the pelvis further forward (for this person you do not need to “bend”!).

And please close your eyes! This is important, so that you do not perceive anything else around you, only this peaceful union with this wonderful person. And really, everyone is wonderful and beautiful. That’s why you can also give any other person such an intense hug from you!

Would you like to experience the next level of an intense hug? Then read on in the sequel to this article …