Using Cannabis for Inner Healing

I used to think, Cannabis is a bad drug that makes you stupid and addicted. So I thought and had another beer (or wine) instead. And another… ๐Ÿ˜‰

How wrong I was! After an extraordinary deep experience with the sacred healing plant of Ayahuasca, I felt like the vibrational level of my whole body was raised.

After that, I stopped drinking. Because alcohol drags you down, not up. I suddenly understood deep inside of me how the low frequency of this substance affects me more than I wanted to admit before.

Mother Ayahuasca is a very strong plant teacher. They say that you come into direct contact with her plant spirit when you sit with her in a ceremony and drink her DMT particles.

Well, so they speak about another sacred healing plant, as well: Cannabis or Marihuana.

But in our (so called) modern world, little is known about the spiritual healing powers of this wonderful plant. Most people (including Mina and me a couple of years ago) thought bad about this “drug”. Because this is what we were taught through mass media before.

We also both don’t smoke, so that was another reason why this plant didn’t seem very appealing to us. Now, we eat it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Some basic facts about Cannabis

  • Cannabis is non-addictive on a physical level – other than alcohol (!) and sugar (!!)
  • People who are getting “high” are generally very peaceful and loving, quite the opposite to many people who drank too much alcohol.
  • Apparently, it is not possible to die from too much Cannabis.
  • With Cannabis you don’t have a bad hangover the next day. You feel at peace with yourself.
  • The well-known ingedients THC (the substance that makes you “high”) and CBD seem to have great healing capabilities on the body, new studies come up with more and more good results for a long list of typical deseases.
  • The other hundreds of substances also seem to have great healing effects on the body. More studies are needed!

Why consuming Cannabis orally is the better way

Smoking eventually kills you. If you smoke Cannabis, you don’t only consume the plant medicine, you also take many more (mostly unwanted) substances into your body. And you don’t even get the full spectrum of the Cannabis healing power. The effects are quick, but only shortly lasting.

We cannot really understand: Why would anyone smoke Cannabis when you can also eat it? You can prepare yourself a few grams of highly potent Cannabis butter (THC and CBD bind in fat) and have it in your normal food or desert.

When do the effects start and for how long do they last?

If you take a moderate dose of Cannabis butter, you will usually feel the first effects of THC within about 45-60 minutes. It can still get a bit stronger after another hour or so, then it will stay on this level for a while, although the “high” can then alternate a bit, like it is coming and going in waves.

After a few hours (depending on the dose, your food intake on that day and your digestion), you will feel that the effect is getting less and less. It will still be with you for quite a while, but only in a very calming and relaxing way. Your sleep that night will probably be wonderfully deep.

And on the next morning, you wake up, completely relaxed and fresh, inspired and ready to do some creative work!

What does the THC in Cannabis do to you?

First of all, we all produce our own THC-like substances in our own glands. When we consume THC through the Cannabis plant, we are only giving our brain receptors more to work with than on a usual day. So, the feeling of being “high” is not totally different from how we are on a day to day basis.

Our personal experiences with the oral intake of this age-old healing plant have been exclusively positive. It feels like our senses become alive, and we easily connect with our Higher Self, with each other and the energetic world around us.

This very often leads to a boost in creativity, deep insights and clear visions, giving us completely new perspectives for all kinds of complex energetic structures, like multidimensional problems and their solutions, energy blockages or deep inner feelings and fears. We also gain new understandings for the Grand Masterplan of Mother Nature, especially regarding our own personal development.

While โ€žhighโ€œ with cannabis, our feelings of pleasure intensify, because we become more aware of our magnified bodily senses. We experience ourselves more connected to our bodies, our minds and our souls โ€“ and at the same time we can easily connect to the feelings and pleasures of another personโ€˜s body, mind and soul. This leads to more insights and understanding with each other, and ultimately to more love and joy!

Colours can be seen brighter and beautiful pictures of nature now look absolutely stunning. The wind on your skin feels arousing, the fresh smell of a crunched mint leave can shoot you right into heaven.

Your taste buds show what they are made for and will surprise you with much more delicate and much stronger aroma than before. Listening to beautiful music can kick your feelings into another universe.

It also feels like you change your inner frequency to a higher level with Cannabis and because of that, you have much deeper feelings than before. If you feel love, this love will be felt much stronger.

This is also true with all other feelings and emotions. Which leads us to…

Please always think about set and setting

It makes a huge difference, in what circumstances, in what kind of environment and with whom you consume Cannabis. For inner healing purposes, you should use Cannabis in a safe, comfortable and beautiful environment. And it can be even more enjoyable, if you have at least one beautiful soul with you, so you can enjoy a beautiful time together!

So, watching horror movies is not really an option, unless you like to torture yourself. All emotions will be felt much stronger, and as you are in control about yourself, you can decide if you want to feel more love and joy or if you choose more fear and pain instead.

Ideally, you would clean and prepare your space before you consume Cannabis: Find some peaceful and uplifting music and maybe set up some special decoration. And don’t have things lying around that make you feel stressed (too much work) or sad (a photo of your ex partner if you just seperated).

Using your deeply-felt emotions for inner healing

The deeper you go into your inner feelings, the better you can heal from past injuries in your mind or soul. So, allow yourself to dive deeper into the wonderful sensations of your bodily senses and use them to produce really, really deeply-felt emotions. Then, use these feelings for your healing.

That is easier said than done, of course. That is why we can assist you in your healing process if you choose to come to our personal healing retreat in Tenerife.

To intensify our own experience during our personal Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies, Mina and I like to consume a moderate amount of Cannabis butter before we start. That is of course not obligatory for you, if you want to experience these ceremonies with us. It is your own personal decision and it will depend on how deep you want to feel the connection with us.

As the Canary Islands are a part of Spain, you are allowed to consume Cannabis for your own personal use on Tenerife. Here, many people use it for pain relieve, as a natural anti-inflammation medicine, to control their anxieties or as a spiritual healing guide.

Using sexual arousal for inner healing

Yes, most people also feel much faster aroused with the oral intake of Cannabis. Sexual pleasures can be felt much more intense. A single, very slow caress on one of your legs or just underneath your belly button might just kick you into ecstasy.

You might feel yourself like a sex goddess or god, sharing intimacy with another god. (And you really are! Because you are connected to that Inner God Within Yourself while being “high”.)

An orgasm can truly feel like from out of this world.

But there is so much more to discover than “just” the sheer pleasure of your (and other) bodies.

Sexual energy is one of the strongest powers that human beings are capable of feeling inside of themselves! And we strongly believe, nature has created this power not only for mating reasons. You can also learn to use it for healing your mind and soul.

Side effects of Cannabis

With a moderate dose of Cannabis, you can usually do most things still quite well (some even better than before). But there is one important “side effect” (if you want to call it that way).

While you are “high”, your short-term memory might work a bit less trustworthy than usual. That is, because you will live 100% in the Here and Now! From that high frequency, it is sometimes not so easy to see the little things, that just happened thirty seconds ago…

So, it could be that you walk into your kitchen and then forget why you got up from the sofa. It can also happen while you are talking about a new concept for your business (or for your personal healing) and then suddenly you forgot what you were talking about, because you had to sneeze. And even while writing down that brilliant new idea, you might sometimes find it difficult to finish a sentence, because after the first half, you forgot what you were writing about.

Sounds terrible? Well, you can manage without the short-term memory quite well, when you adapt yourself to it. Sometimes, you will just need to track back your last thoughts and voilรก: You can get back to that crazy new idea of yours, that might just change your entire life…

Other than that, you might feel more thirsty, sometimes also more hungry (this depends on the Cannabis strain you are consuming).

Legal use of Cannabis

For centuries, humans consumed Cannabis (and many other healing plants) for inner healing experiences. Then came a time where Big Pharma took the control in their hands. They now decide what people are allowed to consume and what not.

Some of those strict rules even make a lot of sense, others not at all. For example, most of us still consume way too much of Monsanto’s Glyphosat every day. Healing plants, on the other hand, are often forbidden, because they are way to effective. You cannot make a lot of money out of a plant that makes you healthy.

But times are getting a bit better in some ways. Cannabis is allowed for medical reasons in many countries now, in some (like Spain and the Netherlands) it is legal for personal use, in others it is at least decriminalized. Please check the full list here before you do something that might be illegal in your country. Here is another list of 30 places where weed is legal or semi-legal.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for your own personal information and for educational purposes only. We do not promote, condone or advocate licit or illicit drug use.