Sound Healing at Home

Have you ever experienced the blissful energetic healing powers of a gong bath?

A chinese wind gong generates a very special type of sound vibration. It will make the 70% water within your body vibrate – including all soft tissues and the blood in your veins.

This can help you to feel more relaxed, more focussed and it can definetely raise your spiritual energies up!

And believe me, it is something completely different if you just listen to a gong bath on YouTube (where the sound vibration comes out of your speakers or headphones) or if you actually feel the strong vibration of a real gong that is right in front of you!

Mina and I take a few minutes every morning to enjoy these extraordinary energetic powers, just after we come out of the shower. For this, we stand right in front of the gong to play it. It feels like a second shower, this time with pure energy and vibration! πŸ™‚

Playing the gong is also an important part in our Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies that we offer in Tenerife (Canary Islands).

If you really love yourself, then please do yourself a huge favour and find a location nearby where you can experience a gong bath (or even better, a longer gong puja).

Not only once, but regularly… I am sure, your physical body, your energy body, as well as your mind and soul will absolutely love it.

How about your own chinese wind gong?

Or, you could just order an original chinese wind gong from us and enjoy its energetic healing powers in your home as often as you like.

We have found a company in china that produces beautifully traditionally handmade chinese wind gongs and ships them directly to your home. And they are quite affordable, as well!

So, when you order a gong from us, we will have it made especially for you. This will take a few weeks. Then the gong will be send to you via international post (which can take another couple of weeks). Yes, sometimes good things take some time. πŸ™‚ But then, you can play your gong at home whenever you want.

You can get your own gong set for only 633 EUR.

This is included:

  • Original handmade chinese wind gong (30″) with a sturdy black metal gong stand (you can see it in the picture on the top of this page)
  • A mallet to play the gong and a string to tie the gong to the stand
  • Free shipping to all european countries (and also to many other countries, please ask before you order)

If you are interested in this offer, please send us an email and we will discuss the details with you!