Hugging with Your Heart Wide Open

As I wrote in another article, there are very different ways to hug each other – depending on how much you want to open up to the other person, how much you want to give (and reveal), and how much you would like to receive from the other.

Breathing through your heart center is a very effective way to bring extra intensity into your hugs – for you, and for the other person as well, even though for the latter it is often perceived subconsciously. I have described the breathing into your heart center in detail in my book “You Are Healer and Creator“.

By consciously “breathing” through your heart center while holding another person close to you, you not only exchange beneficial body warmth and skin contact, but you also share your feelings and the subtle energies of your energy body with each other!

And now imagine, the other person you are hugging right now in your imagination, has also read this blog article. And he or she breathes as well as you through his or her heart, thus you are connecting on a very deep level. That’s spiritual euphoria, a moment of happiness and full of love and trust, is it not?

Why not try to embrace other people more intensely and lovingly in the future? You can do this equally with people of both sexes. Because it always feels good to feel both male and female pole energies in your heart.

You do not need to give more than you receive. This experience is the most intense when you are able to give lovingly and at the same time receive in full acceptance. Give and enjoy.

And now imagine, you go one step further.

Imagine, how you experience this particularly intense hug with two people at the same time. For example in the form of a circle. The other two persons can be male or female or mixed, depending on what kind of energy you want to exchange the most.

You can also hug each other with yourself in the middle, somebody to snuggle up to is very close to the front of you, and one is very close behind you to give you support and stability for this experience.

At this moment, the other two can feel the breathing through their heart center as intense as you!

Does that feel good? I can guarantee you that it feels wonderful and simply awesome. You exchange healing emotions and subtle healing energies with each other. They can give you a lot of strength, support and of course a lot of love. And you give the same to the other two persons.

Maybe you are able to find two people with whom you can experience this? Then “practice” it regularly. It is as good for you as it is for the other two.