Mina has been teaching english to kids, teenagers and adults for many years and is now starting to create and organize workshops for teenagers and young adults to help them develop their self-love and self-esteem.

Nils has been writing a couple of spiritual books and mobile apps, he recorded many guided imageries and audio meditations and lately developed the new energetic healing technique Healer and Creator.

Why do we offer personal healing retreats?

Mina and I have been growing, developing and healing together a lot. In fact, ever since we first met (which was a magical story in itself), we decided to put a big emphasis on living a healthy and loving life together.

Inner healing is an ongoing process for us, and so we will always continue with this important work on ourselves and with each other.

One day, we had the idea to share our way of healing with one or two other persons at a time. This is doing good for everyone: Someone else can benefit from our intuitive healing techniques and our way of living, and we can help to bring out in this person whatever wants to grow and heal.

At the same time, we also develop and heal together with this person, because another human being can beautifully trigger those special facets inside of us that lead to further development, more understanding and more love.


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