A personal healing retreat for singles and couples on the beautiful island of Tenerife (Canary Islands) – with Mina & Nils

This invitation we are about to share with you is certainly not for everyone.

But if it is for you, deep inside yourself, you will know.

This is a completely private and personal retreat

Our Sensual Energetic Healing Retreat is just for you (and possibly your partner) and no one else!

This is not a luxurious spa or typical yoga group experience that you can have anywhere in the world. Here, we focus entirely on you as a beautiful human soul and on your emotional, energetical and spiritual healing.

Consider our healing retreat as an important stepping stone on your path:

  • Are you seeking relief from emotional injuries of the past, that have been covering your heart way too long?
  • Are you ready to listen to the calling of your True Inner Self?
  • Do you feel like it’s time to change something in your life?

We believe that we can achieve amazing energetic healing effects in body, mind and soul with the unified energetic powers of three (or four) bodies, minds and souls. We use energetical, sensual and (if it feels right for everyone) also sexual stimulation in order to connect to deep inner feelings, anxieties and energy blockages.

If you are willing to open yourself up, you will experience the loving care and gentle guidance of our female and male energies, combined with your personal background, your ressources and your inner needs.

We believe that we can use and guide the deep inner feelings of energetic and sensual arousal in order to trigger internal processes that leed to self-transformation into something even more beautiful, more loving and more adorable than you could have ever imagined.

We respect your own boundaries, especially regarding touching and sensual arousal. We will be close to you, maybe even tempting you to let go of some of these boundaries if we get the feeling that you are able to open yourself up to it. We will never force you into doing something you don‘t like. Our goal is to give you a secure place to enjoy caressing and loving closeness with both of us together.

In our Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies, we like to use sensual stimulations on as many levels as possible:

  • The sense of hearing: We love the vibrational healing powers of gongs, tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums and relaxing classical music. We have experienced that these sound vibrations can resolve trapped energies and clean our chakras. The ideal is that we spend lots of time intuitively and actively creating wonderful healing sound spheres together, while we connect with the sound vibrations and with each other. At other times, we will just enjoy listening to music and sounds from the computer.
  • The sense of smell: We use natural incense, flowers and herbs to dive deeply into the healing energies of Mother Nature. Consciously inhaling the intense fragrance of freshly squashed mint leaves or sweet lavender flowers connects us with ourselves and with the spirits (or devas) of nature.
  • The sense of taste: We enjoy healthy, mostly plant-based food, fresh fruits and herbs, cheese,… and the sheer pleasure of dark chocolate! If you want, we can show you how you can heal your body from many problems just by changing your daily eating habits.
  • The sense of sight: A beautiful picture can unfold strong healing powers if you open yourself up to it. You can have similar healing effects by consciously looking at colors, at a flower or plant, and into each others eyes.
  • The sense of touch: Can there be anything more healing and more enjoyable than the loving touch of another person‘s hands on your body? Through longer-than-usual hugging, caressing, massaging and sensually stimulating with our hands and bodies, we can unblock trapped energies, open and balance the chakras and experience deep inner healing and relaxation.

We also love to use Tarot cards for clarifying important questions. In this special setting, it can bring amazing answers and new insights!

We are all interconnected with each other

One of the goals in our Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies is to be able to feel the Power of Oneness with each other. This can be an intense experience, because we are so used to perceive ourselves seperated from everything around us, and we tend to build up great walls of protection in front of each other. Together, whenever you are ready for it, we can break these walls down and feel true interconnectedness and oneness!

Then, we can feel like angels.

For this to happen, we find it important that you don‘t come with an attitude of mainly receiving. We are all receiving from each other. We will be experiencing the greatest flow of energy and love when giving and taking is in perfect balance. Therefore, try to also give your love to both of us in an equal and balanced way. If we all decide to give like this, then each one of us will receive so much more!

During the ceremonies, there will be many new insights coming to you, either by yourself, or through us – which really is the same thing, because we all draw our ideas and knowledge directly from the Cosmic World Wide Web that surrounds us. For this reason, you might need lots of paper to write these ideas down, so that you can always remember them afterwards.

Learn a new energetic healing technique

If you like, we can also teach you a very easy to learn, yet highly versatile energetic healing technique (Healer and Creator).

Learn and experience this wonderful technique that allows you to actively use the all-pervading Universal Life Energy to harmonize your energy centers (chakras) and the energy flow inside of you. You will be surprised, how H&C can positively change your life and the world around you!

Take your own space whenever you need it

Our Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies can help to open yourself up on many different levels. This process can be tiring sometimes, and you will need time to digest all new experiences. This is also very important if you want to find your own ways of how to integrate the new insights, openings or perspectives into your daily life. So, take a personal seclusion time with yourself whenever you feel like it!

We also strongly recommend that you write a personal diary during your stay with us, as this will greatly help you in your transformational process.

As each Sensual Energetic Healing ceremony is unique in its own, so is the whole personal retreat experience. Of course, we offer a general plan, based on our experiences from the past. But you might want or need something completely different for your personal development, so please feel free to discuss your ideas and thoughts with us!

Our general plan looks like this:

Day 1: Arrival

We will pick you up from the airport, show you our little guest room and explain the facilities of our finca. You can get to know us a little bit and gain clarity on your most urgent questions. Other than that, this day should be mainly for your personal relaxation, acclimatization and for getting comfortable with the surrounding area and with us.

Day 2: First Sensual Energetic Healing ceremony (4-6 hours)

We call it “angel time”! 🙂 Together, we will find out what your goals and your greatest energy blockages are. We will intuitively design a tailored experience for you, to give you love and comfort and to help you trusting your own personal healing process. You might get the first useful insights and a new understanding of what healing yourself really means.

Day 3: Earth and Water (about 4 hours)

On this half day excursion, you can experience the powers of petrified lava stones that melted into the ocean a long time ago. Symbolically and energetically, the lava stones can give you a firm grounding for your future path, while the water element can connect you even more with your inner feelings.

This is mainly a meditative walking experience, some of it in silence. You can also take a swim in the ocean, if you feel like it. If you want to learn the Healer and Creator energy healing technique, this is a great spot for it.

We will have a typical canarian lunch with shared tapas before we return back home, where you have your own personal time at our finca for relaxing, writing, meditating or whatever you feel like doing.

Day 4: Second Sensual Energetic Healing ceremony (4-6 hours)

In this ceremony, we will connect with each other and aim to overcome some of your fears and energy blockages. It is really up to you how far you want to go on your healing journey to your True Inner Self.

We will assist and guide you, and you will know how much you want to let go of your old limiting and maybe even harmful energies and beliefs. You will know how many new insights and how much caressing and closeness you want to experience.

We will be there, sharing our energies and our love with you.

Day 5: Earth and Fire (about 8 hours)

Many people say that they can feel the very special magnetic powers of the volcano when they visit the Cañadas del Teide. This tour includes sightseeing and a bit of walking through the huge crater area around the tip of Teide, which is so high in altitude that you might see the clouds below you.

You will have meditative times in silence to reflect on the ancient powers of this gigantic volcano. Maybe you will be able to feel inside of you, what the massive and explosive powers of fire and earth have created here thousands of years ago. Some people say, the fiery eruptions of flowing and spitting lava must have been like a bombastic orgasm of Mother Earth…

This day trip can be a healing experience in itself if you open yourself up for it, and for sure, it is a wonderful sight to visit on Tenerife.

Day 6: Third Sensual Energetic Healing ceremony (6-8 hours)

In our last Sensual Energetic Healing ceremony together, we might work a little bit more on unresolved topics, fears or energy blockages. But our main goal for this day is to experience total honesty, love and oneness together. Let’s be angels! 🙂

We will leave it to our intuitional guidance, our feelings and inner needs, what this day will bring to us. Maybe we will experience ecstatic erruptions of love and joy – similar to the ancient volcanic powers of Teide that you visited the day before? Or maybe we will feel at peace with our True Inner Selves, clearly seeing the next steps on our path to self-realization.

For sure, we will all experience a deep feeling of gratitude for the time we have shared and healed together! Let us express and share this gratitude and love with each other, so that we will always remember this very special healing week.

Day 7: Reflection and Goodbye

On the last day you shouldn‘t really do anything, except relaxing and reflecting on what you have experienced, maybe browsing through your written notes or meditating on your experiences. Then, it is time to say goodbye and to continue on our individual paths. Maybe we will meet again another time?

Because of the desired personal closeness during our Sensual Energetic Healing ceremonies, we cannot work with every person. So, you make your decision, if you want to experience this spiritual retreat with us, and we make our decision, if we want to work with you.

If you are interested, please make an appointment for a shared Skype or Zoom session with us, so that we can talk about all open questions, doubts and fears. One day after this, we will all make our personal decision if we want to experience this week together and then possibly discuss the details via email.

If you want to look for the price of your flight tickets, we recommend www.kiwi.com – you can decide if you want to get a cheaper ticket with a stopover at another airport or a more comfortable direct flight. You can fly to either the southern (TFS) or the northern (TFN) airport of Tenerife.

Please feel free to email us any questions… or just ask for your free online appointment via Skype or Zoom!

Love, Mina and Nils

Sensual Energetic Healing is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program.

Ask for an online appointment with us!

  • When do you have time?
  • In what areas of your life would you like to experience inner healing? Do you have any urgent questions regarding the retreat?